Immingham kennel could be days away from closing without urgent help

A local dog boarding and placement center may be days away from having to shut down if they don’t get help quickly.

Immingham Boarding Kennels and Rehoming, in South Killingholme, is struggling to make ends meet with adoptions at an all-time high. The kennel is part of the charity Amicii which has been welcoming dogs since 2014 and has been operating in our area since 2019.

Moving to the area meant the center had to overcome the reputation of previous owners, Four Paws, but by working hard the team feel they have created a successful venue. The center is relying on adoption fees to keep it running, but with that drying up they might not even be able to pay next month’s kennel bills.

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While the team is grateful for the help and food donations, they urge the public to donate as much as they can to maintain this invaluable asset. Manager Kelly Magee says she’s never seen anything like it.

Kelly Magee with Lily at Immingham Boarding Kennels and Rehoming

She said: “Adoptions are at an all time low, it’s unreal. Without these fees we can’t function and we struggle to keep going. We have so much to pay here, it’s not just food and We have to pay for air conditioning, cleaning, everything… While the food coming in is a huge help, we could really do with people giving money to keep us open.

“I’ve never been in this position before, it makes me very stressed. Next month we can’t even afford to pay our kennel bills, things are so bad. We also have beautiful dogs here, but they cost us a lot.”

Kelly and the team recently battled a Doberman called Boris who had just six minutes to live when they decided to rescue him, but he has since cost the center over £1,000 in vet bills. Unfortunately, that’s just not viable with a lack of money.

Kelly Magee with Lily at Immingham Boarding Kennels and Rehoming
Kelly Magee with Lily at Immingham Boarding Kennels and Rehoming

Kelly said she wants these animals to have happy lives and by keeping the kennels open she can make that happen. She said: “I want them to have a good home. It was never about the money for us, we wouldn’t be doing what we’re doing if it was.

“It’s about being able to find the right home for a dog that hasn’t had a great life. If people could put together a standing order as much as they can afford, that would be amazing. Absolutely all of us would help right now.”


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