Iceland announces changes to its bonus card system

Bargain Iceland supermarket has announced a major change that will impact thousands of customers.

The Chain Bonus Map is currently only available in-store, such as the Hereford’s Eign Street store, but will now also be available online.

The change comes after the store’s milestone of reaching 1 million app downloads.

Iceland and The Food Warehouse app allows shoppers to save up to 50% on in-store and online items. on major brands including McCain and Mr Kipling.

Plus, the app means you can receive orders straight to your front door with just one click.

The app is designed for loyal customers to save on favorite meals of the week, including Birds Eye 44 Chicken Nuggets with Golden Wholegrain which are just £2 on the app instead of £4.

All the savings you can get on the Iceland Bonus Card:

  • Mr Kipling 8 French Fancies (£1.50, 150g) was £2.00, now £1.50
  • McCain Quick Cook crispy fries (£1.50, 750g) was £3.00, now £1.50
  • Linda McCartney’s 6 veggie sausages (£1.10, 270g) was £2.20, now £1.10
  • Birds Eye 44 Golden Whole Grain Chicken Nuggets (£2.00, 695g) was £4.00, now £2.00
  • Ambrosia Vanilla Ice Cream (£2.00, 840ml) was £3.50, now £2.00
  • Young’s Gastro Fish Bakes Mediterranean Tomato Chunky Fish Portions (£1.87, 340g) was £3.75, now £1.87
  • Young’s Gastro Fish Bakes Cheese & Leek Chunky Fish Portions (£1.87, 340g) was £3.75, now £1.87
  • Linda McCartney’s 2 Veggie Burger with Mozzarella 1/4lb (£1.10, 227g) £2.20, now £1.10
  • Kit Kat Chunky Milk Chocolate Bar (£1.60, 32g) was £2.00, now £1.60
  • Ambrosia Ice Cream Vanilla & Fudge swirl (£2.00, 840ml) was £3.50, now £2.00
  • Kit Kat 4 Finger Milk Chocolate Bar Multipack (£1.60, 41.5g) was £2.00, now £1.60
  • Phew! The Spiced Kebab (£1.75, 280g) was £3.00, now £1.75
  • Fry’s 2 plant-based burger patties, the Big Fry Burger (£1.62, 224g) was £3.25, now £1.62

Additionally, you can receive 1 Cash Book for every £20 spent with a Bonus Card.

To get your hands on a bonus map, visit the Iceland website.

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