How to Start a Purebred Cat Breeding Business

Since ancient times, people have had special feelings for cats. It is these supple and graceful, fluffy and warm creatures that bring joy and peace. In recent years, for people, cats have become not only a source of warmth and comfort, but also a sign of status, whether a cat or a cat is an elite breed. In addition, a purebred cat is an expensive and valuable gift. Therefore, cat breeding is not just a pleasant hobby. If you approach this business wisely, such a business can bring real benefits.

If you love cats so much that you’re willing to spend a significant amount of your time with them, it makes sense to start a cat breeding business. Indeed, from the outside it seems that this business can be quite profitable, since thoroughbred cats with good pedigrees are in high demand and, therefore, expensive. The cost of a kitten ranges from one hundred to ten thousand dollars.

Where to start

Choose several races and study them in detail. It will be good to buy books on your chosen breed. Carefully review all sources, both literary and electronic. Breed Selection Checklist:

  • Standard settings;
  • Genetics (use cat breed test kit);
  • Food regulation (for example, sphinxes need special food due to their increased metabolism);
  • Bathing, brushing, the appearance of teeth, claws, etc.

Buy kittens for breeding

Animals need to get used to you from the start, and they need to be educated, and at a young age they absorb training better. For breeding you should buy only in elite catteries. Kittens must have documents (pedigree, veterinary certificate, etc.). To avoid any mishaps, take a breed expert with you, he will help you determine whether the kittens and parents have any appearance defects, which could affect future offspring (your own knowledge is certainly good, but two heads , it’s better).

If you manage to find a pet without flaws, you can safely attend the show. After all, these animals are classy! Cups, medals, rosettes and letters of recommendation are not only nice souvenirs, but also reasons to increase the price of a litter of kittens.

Cat care

What goes into the cost of keeping cats? You will need to consider the costs below for 10 pairs.

Quality food. The food can be industrial, natural or mixed. Industrial power will require a significant expense. The quality of the feed affects the quality of the offspring and the health of the parents themselves, so it is worth using the proven premium feed, on which you should not skimp.

Grooming products. Proper care of animal fur requires high quality shampoos and combs. This is especially true for long-haired breeds.

Medicines and prophylaxis. Every pet needs periodic treatment for fleas and worms. Vaccinations are a separate expense item and you will need to obtain a veterinary passport. Vaccinations are done from 2 months and 3 times during the kitten’s first year of life. There will also be a cost for medication and veterinary services if the cat is sick.

game environment. Your pet may need small toys, and if desired, you can build or purchase a complete play complex. It also makes sense to buy dog ​​beds, cat houses and kennels.

sell kittens

There are several ways to advertise that you have purebred kittens and want to sell them.

  • bulletin boards;
  • Newspapers and magazines;
  • cat shows;
  • forums;

The most expensive, but most effective way to sell. On your site, you have the possibility to write to all your contacts, to say more about your breeding, to publish all kinds of photos of your kittens. The kitten must be prepared for the sale, he must “understand” what life in an apartment is like, know the litter box, and it makes sense to develop a diet for him.


If you are ready to invest effort and money in this business and have deep knowledge in this field, you have a chance to recoup all the investments. However, this investment is risky, as the profits may not match the wishes of the kennel owner due to the lack of collateral.

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