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Hidden kennel closure crisis will leave dog owners in the cold this summer

• Massive closures likely if the call for help is ignored

• Kennels say “we are the forgotten few”

Forced to stay open with little to no support

• Animals could be in danger with fewer legal establishments trading

Research by thegoodkennelguide.co.uk has found that more than half of the nation’s licensed boarding schools will be forced to close before summer, triggering an animal welfare crisis ahead of a much-anticipated holiday season and loaded. With overseas travel not due to resume until May 17 at the earliest, it will be too late for many companies whose recovery will take longer than most.

Dog owners might be dismayed to find that their trusted kennel is no longer able to take care of their dog when they fly away for what will be their first vacation in over a year for many. It comes at a time when more people than ever are first adopting dogs, conditions that would have created a business boom in normal times.

The survey found that more than half of the kennels will close in the next six months, and many are set to close almost immediately – if they haven’t already been forced to close. Another third will close if business does not improve over the next 12 months or if financial support is not available.


The residential school industry has been entirely forgotten and left behind by the government, triggering a crisis for residential schools and dog owners. Classified in the “animal welfare” category – just like veterinarians and rescue centers – the kennels were not ordered to close and in many cases had to remain open to take care of the animals , despite the drying up of reservations. It was reported by 98% of kennels that bookings had dropped significantly, with many saying bookings had collapsed completely. It also means that they are not entitled to the same support as other sectors on which their activity depends, such as tourism and hospitality.

The sad irony is that so many of these businesses are now on the verge of closing for good for lack of financial support that a real animal welfare emergency could be considered this summer.

One kennel reported to The Good Kennel Guide: “We can’t survive any longer and so when things get back to some kind of normalcy and people want to take their animals on board, those kennels and catteries will not be there anymore because they are. could remain open but have no trade and have received no support ”.

Sarah Harrison, Founder of The Good Kennel Guide, said: “We call on government and local authorities to reconsider the support our hardworking, experienced and licensed boarding schools and catteries need NOW. We have heard so many heartbreaking stories of businesses that have had to shut down, lay off staff, or in some cases shut their doors permanently. Kennels have been forced to stay open during the pandemic and provide vital service with very little recognition and have even been denied support. If we lose boarding businesses, we will end up with a wave of animals left at home, dumped or sent to animal rescue centers. It could also mean that there is a slight increase in illegal and unauthorized animal boarding. These two factors really endanger the life and welfare of animals. “

How long could your animal house continue to operate if current conditions were to continue?
Already closed 2%
Closing within six months (with ~ 8% closing in less than a month) 52%
Six months – one year 32%
More than a year 12%
I don’t know 2%

For more information on: thegoodkennelguide.co.uk

* 125 licensed boarding schools in England, Scotland and Wales were surveyed between February 22, 2021 and March 9, 2021 **

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