Helping stray animals get home – some timely advice on animals in need

Animals In Need (AIN) helps lost and found animals daily. There are a number of ways the public can also help if they find a lost and stray animal.

First, contact animal shelters in your area as they may share the information and may have received a report that the animal is missing.

AIN will post the pet’s details on their Facebook page, but they need the finder’s contact number to do this. This must be provided directly by the finder rather than a third party due to data protection regulations.

Sick rabbit found near Drumlonagher in Donegal Town

The inventor’s telephone number will not be published in the publication and will only be released to the owner, once ownership has been proven.

Other information required is the sex of the animal, if it is microchipped, does it look healthy, where was it found and if it is a dog , has the Letterkenny Pound been contacted?

AIN expects the finder to update them if the animal is reunited with its owner.

All dogs found must be scanned for a microchip by a veterinarian. Also contact the Gardaí and your local radio station to announce the dog as found.

By law, any dog ​​found must go to Glencar Dog Shelter, Letterkenny, who will also advertise it.

The phone number for Letterkenny Dog Shelter is 0749125159.

Simba is fine after having his leg amputated

Dogs taken there are safe and not at risk of being put to sleep.

AIN works closely with the Letterkenny Dog Shelter and any dog ​​that is not picked up within the mandatory five days will be picked up by AIN volunteers for rehoming.

If you see any posts of concern on the “buy and sell” pages, please contact the person posting directly and ask them to contact AIN and also report the post to the admins of the page, as advertising animals for sale is illegal on Facebook.

The situation with unwanted dogs is extremely difficult at the moment, with daily calls to the AIN helpline from people wishing to return their dog, most of these dogs being Collies, but there is no There are no homes to go to and AIN has a long waiting list of dogs waiting for foster homes.

AIN helps many lost dogs

Meanwhile, the week has been better at the cattery, with a number of adopted cats and kittens.

Among the most recent cat rescues is a young ginger cat called Simba who was found with an old, untreated leg wound in Upper Main Street, Donegal Town last week.

Unfortunately, the damage to his front leg was irreparable and he had to have it amputated at the vet.

Simba is recovering well after the operation and is recuperating in his AIN foster home.

A stray cat that was hanging around Donegal Town Hospital has also been placed in foster care as no one has come forward to claim it, despite appeals.

This ginger cat is the image of Simba and would be his father. AIN has a number of neutered semi-feral cats looking for outdoor homes.

These cats would be ideal for farms and rural areas, providing effective and environmentally friendly rodent control in exchange for shelter, daily food and fresh water.

If you could provide a home for one or two semi-feral cats, please contact the Cat Helpline.

AIN also rescued a house rabbit who was found wet and terrified in a drain in Drumlonagher, Donegal Town, over the weekend.

The rabbit is sick and is at the vet right now because he didn’t want to eat and couldn’t go to the bathroom. He is very nervous when touched and can be blind. Fingers crossed for his recovery.

Finally, AIN was delighted to have been chosen to win the DLDC Community Recognition Award for Best Community Organization/Social Enterprise (Small), which was sponsored by Tata Consultancy Services.

Kudos to all the AIN volunteers, who work hard in so many ways to help Donegal’s unwanted animals.

Congratulations also to the three finalists; Playmatters, Dunkineely Community and Convoy Community Environmental Committee

To help AIN’s animals, please donate €2 to AIN’s ‘Help Us Help Them’ fundraising appeal via your phone by texting the word ‘KITTEN’ to 50300. Each penny goes directly to rescued animals for their food, bedding and vet bills. , deworming and vaccinations.

For further information on adoption, placement, volunteering etc please contact the main helpline on 087 1356188. For cat/kitten inquiries please call 087 7644420. Animals In Need Donegal is also on Facebook and has a website at

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