Help APN care for abused and vulnerable animals

The Animal Protection Network (APN) urgently needs funds to pay veterinary bills and buy pet food.

APN is a registered non-profit based in Alberton and surrounding areas. With the help of the community, they rescue, rescue and rehome unwanted and stray dogs, cats and other animals in need – one animal at a time.

This is a group of volunteers who depend on the help of the community to care for these animals.

APN members in Thinasonke are busy feeding the animals.

No animal is left behind and they go out of their way to help when needed. Being the voice of the voiceless is what they do, but they hit a wall as they struggle to pay their vet bills. It’s also a battle to feed the pets.

Learn more about them

This furbaby was rescued by APN.

“APN strives daily to uphold our commitment to pets in our area. We’ve crossed the borders of Alberton to feed pets and we’re stressed because we can’t say no. How to Say No to a Pet hungry?” said Di Hingley and Zuerina Venter.

According to them, there is a huge need in Alberton when it comes to companion animals. They are speechless, so someone has to defend them.

A sick dog is examined by APN partner veterinarians.

“There are too many animals. We can’t feed them all, even if we try. We have to sterilize some animals, but we really can’t do it ourselves,” Zuerina said.

“Being part of an animal welfare organization is heartbreaking at times, but those we can save bring so much joy and are worth the time we put in to make sure we can help these voiceless animals. The rescue work never stops.“

An injured dog is examined by a local veterinarian.

APN has been blessed by many with their generosity of donations and support and we are truly grateful to each and every one of you. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to give these furbabies the second chance they deserve,” Zuerina and Di said.

APN has partnered with the New South Veterinary Centre, Paws In Motion, Brackenhurst Veterinary Clinic and Hennie Alberts Veterinary Clinic to help them examine injured or sick animals.

APN members unload pet food during their visit to the informal settlement in Thinasonke.

They have guesthouses in Walkerville and Drumeblade to provide a safe place to sleep.

How you can help

APN is solely dependent on funds that are either donated or raised.

One of the dogs that is in APN’s custody.

These donations don’t have to be cash, but anything that can be sold at a rummage sale, as this is one of APN’s main sources of income – clothes, old appliances, furniture or toys (to name a few), are more than welcoming.

“Don’t throw away leftover food!” We need food and especially meat for the animals. Another thing is freezer space – we need freezers to put all that food in and store it,” they said.

Members are constantly looking for new ways to fundraise, rehouse, feed and provide medical assistance to pets in need. “It’s our daily battle,” added Di.

Zuerina Venter busy feeding pets in the Alberton area.

If you would like to donate towards their vet bills, feeding programs and neutering you can drop in Animal Protection Network, FNB, 6269 398 8770 or contact Zuerina on 082 850 9842 or Di 082 653 1815 for more information on the how you can help.

Please email your proof of payment to [email protected] to allow members to thank you. Also visit their website at or visit their Facebook page where you will see their work and the story behind each rescue.

The homeless dogs are checked by local vets after being rescued by AFN members.

• APN needs 2,000 kg of pet food to feed 1,000 pets in the Alberton area and an additional 2,000 kg of food for their Thinasonke feeding program.

• Currently, they only receive around 600-700 kg of food per month, mainly from one company.

• In the past, they had funds available to pay for sterilizations, but now there is nothing and they have managed to raise 5,000 rand which will cover 10 pets. They can no longer help because there are no funds available.

• Fuel per week costs members around R2,600 per week.

• They have five unpaid vet bills totaling R12,373 with their partner vets.

• They have boarding kennels in two locations, namely Walkerville and Drumeblade. They need R2,000 per month for Walkerville kennels and R7,200 per month for Drumeblade kennels.

• Helping and caring for injured or sick dogs normally costs them no less than R10,000 per month.

APN cares for many pets in the Alberton area and surrounding areas.

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