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By Rebecca Curley

local democracy journalist

Changes to the way stray dogs are treated at Guildford were announced after reports on social media that people did not understand the new procedure.

Guildford Borough Council announced last month that it had awarded the contract for the collection of stray dogs to Dogbusters which provides a 24-hour service.

But residents have voiced concerns on Facebook about where the dogs will now be taken and questioned the decision to appoint the new contractors.

In previous years, the board has worked with Treetops Kennels.

Cllr Caroline Reeves, Lib Dem, raised the issue during the Guildford Borough Council plenary council on Tuesday April 9.

In a question to council, she said: “There have been a series of derogatory comments and misinformation on social media about the stray dog ​​replacement service now that Treetops has closed.”

She asked for an explanation of Dogbusters’ new service and fees.

Cllr Graham Ellwood, senior member responsible for licensing, environmental health and community safety, said he wanted to “reassure the public that animal welfare is at the forefront of the new service.”

In a written response, he said: “Following an open procurement process, the council recently appointed a new contractor for the collection and breeding of stray dogs. The new contract has been extended to include the collection of stray dogs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, rather than just evenings and weekends.

“This not only provides improved service to residents, but allows the council dog sitter to focus on the recent introduction of stricter animal welfare regulations covering licensed animal establishments such as catteries and kennels.” during the working week. “

People who find stray or lost dogs can now call Dogbusters. If they can identify the owner, the dog is returned to them instead of the owner going to the kennel to pick up the dog.

Cllr Ellwood said the boarding kennel used had a five star rating.

He added: “The kennels are primarily used for commercial dog boarding and the stray block, located in a separate area, is of the same high standard as the rest of the kennels.”

Cllr Ellwood said the vans had secure fixed cages with water and air conditioning as well as cell phones and breakdown cover.

He added, “We have strong contract monitoring procedures in place that include kennel inspections to ensure dogs are well cared for. “

Kennels will provide the board with details of where unclaimed dogs are placed after the seven day legal detention period. Unclaimed dogs will be sent to rescue centers if the kennels cannot find them a home.

He said healthy dogs will not be slaughtered unless it is one of the four banned breeds named under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, adding: “And then we have the legal obligation to euthanize by a veterinarian. “

The fees have not changed.

Residents who have lost or found a dog in the Guildford area can call Dogbusters on 07769 972 813.

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