Geelong Cats V Giants of the Great West of Sydney; AFL 2021 Second Semi-Final Game Preview & Team Rosters


Geelong Cats v Greater Western Sydney Giants, 2021 AFL Semi-Final Second Match preview and squad rosters, Optus Stadium, Friday, September 3, 2021 7:50 PM AEST
Ben jensen ESAVA RATUGOLEA has been called up to face Shane Mumford and his sons from the GWS Giants tonight at Optus Stadium in Perth. Joining Ratugolea on the list of reinforcements are Zach Tuohy and Max Holmes. The “managed” Shaun Higgins who was the replacement last week and remains an emergency and has officially omitted the pair Sam Simpson and Luke Dahlhaus while Mark O’Connor is injured.

The Cats will welcome Tuohy’s return, but if they had had the choice, they would have chosen O’Connor who suffered a hamstring injury in the loss to Port Power last Friday instead. Dahlhaus’s removal in favor of the ten-player Holmes may signal the end of the former’s career, but time will tell. The Giants lost Toby ‘grub’ Greene for coming into contact with a referee in the win over the Swans, as well as injured Tom Green and Sam Reid. Relatively inexperienced Bobby Hill and Conor Stone walk in from the side.

STILL no word from the AFL or the Victorian government on when the VFL Women’s Grand Final will be played, which is beyond a joke now. The Cats were scheduled to face the Magpies in the grand final in July, but Covid19 restrictions forced the women’s game to a standstill as well as the men’s VFL games. The men’s season is officially canceled now, but there is still some hope that the women’s grand finale will be played out at some point. However, with Prime Minister Daniel Andrews announcing a phased reopening on Wednesday, that doesn’t seem likely.


Ben – Cats 2 points
Oscar – Giants 40 points
Cassie – Cats 23 points

IN: Zach Tuohy, Esava Ratugolea, Max Holmes
OUTSIDE: Mark O’Connor (hamstrings), S. Higgins (managed), Sam Simpson, Luke Dahlhaus (both omitted)
B: J. Henry, L. Henderson, J. Kolodjashnij
HB: Z.Tuohy, M.Blicavs, T. Atkins
C: C. Guthrie, M. Duncan, I. Smith
HF: E.Ratugolea, J. Cameron, G. Rohan
F: B. Close, T. Hawkins, G. Miers
FOLL: R.Stanley, J. Selwood, P.Dangerfield
INT: J. Bews, M.Holmes, S. Menegola, B. Parfitt
EMER: S. Higgins, S. Simpson, D. Fort, Z. Guthrie

IN: B. Hill, C. Stone
OUTSIDE: S. Reid, T. Green (both injured), T. Greene (suspended)
B: J. Stein, S. Taylor, I. Cumming
HB: L. Ash, N. Haynes, L. Whitfield
C: J. Kelly, S. Coniglio, H. Perryman
HF: T. Taranto, H. Himmelberg, D. Lloyd
F: Z.Sproule, J. Hogan, Boer
FOLL: S. Mumford, J. Hopper, C. Ward
INT: T. Bruhn, B. Hill, C. Stone, C. Idun
EMER: J. Riccardi, K. Briggs, P. Davis, J. Peatling

GROUND Chris Donlon, ‘Razor’Ray Chamberlain, Simon Meredith EM: Jacob Mollison
LIMIT Nathan Doig, Chris Esler, Matthew Konetschka, Damien Main
GOAL Angus McKenzie-Wills, Dylan Benwell EM: Matthew Dervan

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