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Geelong Cats v Fremantle Dockers, 2022 AFL Round 7 Match Preview & Team Lists
Ben Jensen SECOND-PLACE FREMANTLE travel to Geelong today to take on sixth-place Cats at the GMHBA Stadium.
The Cats named a squad unchanged since last week’s win in Hobart over North Melbourne while the Dockers made two changes losing two to injury and dropping Bailey Banfield.

SATURDAY, APRIL 30, 2022, 1:45 PM AEST

Ben- 22 point cats
Oscar- Dock workers 20 points
Cassie- Cats 19 points

IN: –

B: S De Koning, M Blicavs, J Bews
Coordinator: J Kolodjashnij, T Stewart, T Atkins
C: M Duncan, C Guthrie, I Smith
HF: O Dempsey, J Cameron, M O’Connor
F: B Close, T Hawkins, T Stengle
NEXT: R Stanley, M Holmes, J Selwood
INT: Z Tuohy, B Parfitt, S Higgins, G Miers
EMER: C Stephens, L Dahlhaus, Z Guthrie, E Ratugoleas

IN: J Treacy, L Meek
OUT: M Taberner (injured), S Darcy (injured), B Banfield (omitted)

B: B Cox, A Pearce, G Logue
HB: B Acres, L Ryan, J Clark
C: T Colyer, A Brayshaw, J Aish
HF: M Walters, J Treacy, S Switkowski
F: N O’Driscoll, R Lobb, L Schultz
NEXT: L Meek, W Brodie, C Serong
INT: D Tucker, D Mundy, B Walker, M Frederick
EMER: B Banfield, K Worner, N Wilson, E Hughes

FIELD: Leigh Fisher, Andrew Stephens, John Howorth EMER: Peter Balles
LIMIT: Sam Stagg, Joshua Furman, Patrick Dineen, Michael Marantelli
GOAL: Luke Edwards, Adam Wojcik EMER: David Rodan

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