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“Every time someone comes forward and says who they are, the world becomes a better and more interesting place.” – Captain Raymond Holt, Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

The animal rescue industry is definitely a better place with passionate people like Karin Donald. The owner of Kitty Kazz Kitten Rescue is the ultimate cat lady. His home and offices echo with purrs and meows and, of course, a few furry balls of all fours that graze your calf. However, the path to fulfillment was filled with darkness, addiction, and sorrow that sent her to the bottom.

Karin recounts how she started using drugs at the age of 14, first as a fun escape, but it didn’t take long to become addictive. “My brother passed away when I was 18 and that’s when the wheels came off. I lost control of myself and I was completely in a spiral, ”she began. “In 2014, I was arrested for malicious property damage because I got into an argument with my landlord right after I was assaulted, assaulted and raped. I sat in the Krugersdorp holding cells for three weeks and it was a turning point. “

She said her parents had completely abandoned her. Her pastor found her in the holding cells and sounded a deafening alarm bell. “He told me ‘you’re going to die. You have to fix your life now ”. He put me in rehab in the Free State. I had been there for two years. I gave my life to the Lord and became a new person. She left rehab with her old life behind her and a new life.

Founder and owner of Kitty Kazz Kitten Rescue. Photo: Alice Mpholo

She started volunteering and received a job offer at an animal shelter. The rest, as they say, is history. The Muldersdrift resident had found her niche. “I have always loved cats, I had seven of them growing up. I have dipped my toe into all areas of the life of the shelter. There was a cattery that wasn’t really run by anyone, and my love for her started to grow. I started to push for it. I was in my element. I have gained practical and in-depth experience in rescuing cats and kittens, as well as re-homing.

This love grew and blossomed in Kitty Kazz Kitten Rescue in Nooitgedacht. The center was opened due to the overwhelming number of stray and unwanted kittens on the streets and the lack of shelter. “I started my own business so that I could put my own beliefs into practice. My goal is to develop a clear strategy backed by values, confident that others will support them and be motivated by them. I am also supported by directors with many years of successful business involvement, who are always there to follow me and guide me on the way forward.

Kitty Kazz opened in May this year and 56 kittens have been adopted since. She revealed that one of the most important traits to have on the pitch is the ability to say ‘No’. “You have to make sure you have enough time and money to take care of them all. My threshold is 30; I’d rather keep it at 25 because it’s a number I know I can handle. It’s the daily housekeeping, food, and medical bills, and I do it all myself. This extends to administration, social media, adoptions, etc.

Karin jokes that her life is a true testimony and that she is not wrong. From drug addiction, depression, self-harm and regret over her brother’s death – she not only rebuilt her life on her own terms, but she continues to do something that there can never be enough of in this world ; save others.

Contact Kitty Kazz on 081 736 1506


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