Four bedroom house with huge cattery that can accommodate almost 100 cats on sale for £ 850,000


A retired couple flog their four-bedroom home for £ 850,000 – with a cattery that can accommodate almost 100 pets.

Wendy and Graham Jones, both in their 70s, moved to the Timbers Cattery site in 2004.

They said that 16 years ago almost half an acre of land was a “very small run down place”, with a few small wooden sheds at the back of their house.

The huge cattery can accommodate nearly 100 cats

But over the years, the couple have devoted all of their time and money to the complete renovation and redevelopment of the cattery – which now has a five-star animal welfare rating and is capable of housing 95 cats.

But they are now selling the individually heated cottage for the felines on vacation, as well as their own four bedroom home, as they plan to retire.

The four bedroom house in Norwich

And former schoolteacher Wendy says she and her husband, who ran her own consultancy business, will be missed by ‘every one’ of their furry guests in Norwich, Norfolk.

Wendy said: “It’s quite emotional to part with it – if it wasn’t the time for us to retire, I think we would stay here forever.

“We have gotten to know our customers over the years, and many of them have become our friends.

“We are now seeing the children of some of our former clients, all grown up, looking to board their cats.

Everything a cat could dream of was available at home

“I think we would have started seeing grandchildren soon too.”

But Wendy said she and Graham plan to stay in Norwich – and will continue to visit the cattery from time to time.

She said: “I hope whoever buys it appreciates having us to show them the ropes.”

She said the business would suit a “vibrant, younger, cat-loving family.”

The cattery charges £ 10 per day for individual cats, has 35 garden cabins and the facilities have a five star South Norfolk Council animal welfare rating.

It was completely refitted in 2016, which means that a new owner will benefit for many years – without the need to invest more in the business.

The living room of the massive house

It recently reopened after it closed due to the Covid-19 outbreak – and is full this month.

Special safety measures have been introduced including the wearing of visors and increased cleaning to ensure the safety of animals.

Selling agents Everett, Masson & Furby said, “We are delighted to bring to market what is, in our opinion, one of the highest quality catteries that we have been pleased to be named for. to sell.

“The beautiful, spacious family home and the high quality bespoke cattery provide excellent first class accommodation for both humans and cats.

“If you are looking for a cattery with a property to settle in, look no further because you will be hard pressed to beat what’s on offer here.”

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