Foreign travel ban triggers kennel crisis


According to a survey by the Good Kennel Guide, more than half of the nation’s licensed boarding schools say if things continue as they are they will be forced to close their doors in the coming months, easing restrictions on travel to overseas are expected in May. 17 is too late for many companies.

Sarah Harrison, Founder of The Good Kennel Guide, said: “We call on government and local authorities to reconsider the support our hard-working, experienced and licensed boarding schools and catteries need now.

“We have heard so many heartbreaking stories of businesses that have had to shut down, lay off staff, or in some cases shut their doors permanently.

“Kennels have been forced to stay open during the pandemic and provide vital service with very little recognition and have even been denied support.

“If we lose residential school businesses, we will end up with a wave of animals left at home, abandoned or sent to animal rescue centers. It could also mean that there is an increase in boarding of illegal and unlicensed animals.

“These two factors put the life and well-being of animals in real danger. “

It was reported by 98% of kennels that bookings had dropped significantly, with many saying bookings had collapsed entirely.

Su Carlin, owner of Sunnymead Kennels & Cattery in Walcot, near Telford, said: “In Shropshire there are several kennels and catteries for sale and more are on the way.

“The prospect of an easing of the lockdown does not give us a sense of an imminent recovery as people appear to be extremely cautious about booking vacations, both at home and abroad.”

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