Food Review: Timbrell’s Yard, Bradford on Avon



Not being a huge fan of beef burgers, I haven’t had one in a long time, but last Friday I felt like it.

“Do you know what, I crave a burger,” I said to my wife, Feona, as we discussed what to do for an evening meal.

This got us to embark on what felt like a 20 mile round trip from Bradford on Avon to Chippenham and back, via Box, Biddestone and South Wraxall.

With some of the places we’ve been, Fee didn’t like the look of the pub from the outside, or if I walked inside they were either full or fresh out of burgers.

So we both ended up at Timbrell’s Yard in Bradford on Avon, and where I haven’t eaten in at least three years.

However, we managed to get a table for two and settled down next to the bar, for what I hoped would be a nice, calm and enjoyable evening.

This is where it started to deteriorate, as the restaurant heaved on a balmy Friday night and the staff seemed to be overwhelmed.

Timbrell’s Yard enjoys producing simple fresh foods, prepared daily on site and using the best West Country produce. At least that’s what is written on their site.

Executive Chef Tom Blake works alongside the rest of the team to create award-winning dishes and is proud to feature local vendors on a menu that changes regularly.

They have an extensive network of producers in the west of the country, including Jim Baker (no family relationship!), Of Wedmore, Somerset, who provide Timbrell’s Yard with the best burgers and sausages prepared according to their own exclusive recipe.

To start, I chose a White Lake pecorino and spring pea arancini (£ 8.25), while Fee selected the smoked ham and chicken knuckle terrine (£ 8.50).

Afterwards, I had to google what a White Lake pecorino was: it was a cheese ball with saffron aioli, wild garlic and pickled shallots. However, it was very good so I can’t complain.

Fee said she was very pleased with her starter, which was accompanied by apples, pickled cauliflower and piccalilli vinaigrette.

For the main course, Fee opted for the aged 300g rump steak with roasted tomato and crispy onion ring (£ 22) with pepper sauce (£ 2.50), while I chose (what’s up other) the smoked bacon grilled beef burger (£ 14)).

Fee’s meal came with garlic butter and parsley and fries with smoked rosemary salt and watercress, while mine arrived with a pickle, Barber’s cheddar cheese dip, lettuce and fries.

We both decided that after eating only two dishes we felt full and decided not to go for the desserts, despite the choice available.

Following its recent reopening in May, Timbrell’s Yard is recruiting new staff, some of whom are still in training, so maybe I should schedule the service.

Our bill was £ 64.50 which included an Iford peto press cider (£ 5.10), bottled Krombacher non-alcoholic beer (£ 2.95) and a lime and soda (£ 1.20 ).

John baker

49, rue Sainte-Marguerite


BA15 1DE

Phone. : 01225 869492


Parking: yes


Food: 4/5

Service: 2/5

Atmosphere: 4.5 / 5

Value: 4/5

TripAdvisor: 4/5


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