Five Smart Ways to Make Money as a Student


If you miss your furry babies or have always wished you had a pet, getting paid to look after someone else might be the perfect solution! There are now a number of organizations that specialize in matching pet owners with sitters, as an alternative to boarding options like catteries and kennels. With different types of pet sitting concerts available – from pet sitting in your own home to visiting furry friends in their houses – do your research to find the best option for you. Be sure to check out any current coronavirus restrictions in your area to make sure it would be a safe side activity to continue.

We recommend that you line up all pet sitting gigs through official apps or websites so you know the jobs are legitimate and you can review their policies. For example, you want to see if, if you have booked through this site, you and the animal will be insured. It’s worth doing your homework so you know you’ve checked all of the boxes before you begin. Once you’ve created a profile and matched up with a potential client, you may be invited to attend an initial meeting to make sure it’s right for you, the pet, and the owner. To be on the safe side, always let a trusted friend know where you will be for any seated work.

Income will vary, with some sites allowing you to set your own rates based on your experience. As a guide, the sitters at a popular cat sitter site currently charge between £ 8-20 per day for a walk-in service (visiting pets at home once or twice a day).

Stay savvy, stay safe, and snuggle up!

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