Five reasons to train your dog (or cat) in a cage according to our expert Grantham



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There are a lot of people who think that training your pet is not the right thing to do. In this article, I aim to give you five reasons to train your pet in a cage.

Cage training shouldn’t be seen as a way to punish your pet, it should be seen as a place where they feel safe and can be safe.

Cage training your puppy / kitten gives you the time and space to do the simple things in life, like drying your hair and applying makeup or going to stores without the fear of stepping on your pet or walking on it. ‘damage the house while you are outside.

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It can also help you teach your young pet to sleep in other parts of the house.

If your pet needs to stay with the vet or needs to go to a cattery or kennel, he will be placed in a crate or cage. For many this is the most stressful part of the experience as they have often never been exposed to such an environment. Especially when it comes to stays with vets, this can make the animal anxious or nervous on each future visit, which means you will likely have a hard time getting them there in the future.

If your pet is unfortunate enough to sustain a serious injury, it is likely that they will be advised to rest in a crate when at home to aid recovery by reducing their ability to exercise. again having to train your pet to cope with a cage or pen in addition to dealing with a buster collar and limited mobility and pain, you set yourself up for failure and problems.

Finally, it can be useful for nervous pets when you need to relocate or take them to friends or families for a vacation.

As mentioned above, if it is used as a safe and familiar space, no matter what happens, they can go to that safe space that they know.


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