Dog seen stray at festival might find a new home

(Photo credit: Salima Senyavskaya/Getty Images)

A dog found wandering alone during the Green Man Festival Wales is about to have a new home.

Security personnel found the Terrier mix alone at the festival last month. However, in the weeks following the festival, no one came forward to claim her. Only assistance dogs were allowed on the site at the start, according to festival rules.

Find Bonnie at Green Man

Bonnie is believed to be around six or seven years old. She was picked up by Green Man staff waiting to see if anyone would claim her. When no one did, they took Bonnie to the vet to see if she was microchippedbut it was not registered.

They asked the gardener if Bonnie might belong to someone nearby, but no one showed up. There was a call on social media to find the parent of Bonnie’s dog, as she stayed at the Keepers Cottage Boarding Kennels, but when no one claimed her yet, she moved to the Rescue Hope shelter, and should be able to find new accommodation once she has been assessed and all checks have been completed.

“It’s a mystery where she came from,” event controller Beth said. “She was so loving and friendly during the time she was with us – surely she must be missing someone?”

What to do if you find a stray dog

If you find a stray dogthe American Humane Society have some guidelines. They recommend that you try to capture and contain the animal carefully if possible, but call the authorities if the animal is aggressive or you would put yourself in a dangerous situation.

If you are able to capture the dog, you should check their identification and, if they have any, file a “found” report with your local animal shelter. If not, it’s best to have the dog scanned by the vet to see if there’s a microchip, like the festival staff did with Bonnie.

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