Dickson celebrates epic multi-collections



Western Bulldogs Premier League star Tory Dickson is still celebrating the raise of his life after raising around $ 162,000 from a series of multiple bets.

The 33-year-old applauded Fighting Harada at home in the final game in Bendigo on Saturday to win an epic $ 50 seven-stop multi.

Before the deductions, the multi was paying almost $ 200,000, but that came down to “only” $ 85,000 after scratch.

“There is a big smile on my face this morning,” Dickson told RSN 927.

“There is a little mayonnaise added. Obviously I had hefty deductions because I did this four days ago and how I did it was $ 50 where I increased the price and then paid more for a quadruple and a quintuple.

“I ended up getting these three multis. The $ 50 one that was supposed to cost $ 200,000 ended up paying only $ 85,000. And then the other two were a $ 39,000 and a $ 11,000.

“So with my five multis, I ended up raising $ 162,000. It wasn’t the $ 200,000 everyone was talking about, but it was still a great day.

Dickson said he spent Saturday looking at catteries for his pets ahead of a vacation, before watching his penultimate Ironclad step salute by the side of the road.

Fighting Harada, who is well trained by his good friend Mick Kent Jnr, sealed the multi for Dickson.

“I gave Will Hayes a few calls to see how the Hayes horses were doing. I called Mark Hunter to find out what it was, ”he said with a laugh.

“Then I called Kenty to say, ‘Give me back this house for me’. “

Dickson was very successful on the tours, holding stocks in Merchant Navy and Super Seth.


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