Diana Pet Food’s Panelis Completes Construction of New Cattery | Breaking



Diana Pet Food has completed the construction of her new cattery.

“The addition of a building and two additional chat panels will allow the company to provide additional services and methodologies to meet the needs of regional customers,” said a press release from the company.

The new cattery was completed in June and provides an environment to ensure the well-being of top-notch cats while using innovative techniques to measure pet food performance, the statement said.

The new facility is in Diana Pet Food‘s Panelis facility, which contains a 40 dog kennel and now two catteries housing 80 cats per building, giving the company 160 cats to watch.

As previously stated, Panelis is a facility where the company tests the palatability of dog and cat food. Last fall, the Index-Journal made a tour of the facilities.

“We’re going to have eight cat rooms,” said George Josef, senior director of business and operations for Panelis at Diana Pet Food, in an interview last fall.

The new cattery is larger than its companion who Josef said would have larger rooms – allowing 10 cats to feel comfortable per room.

Panelis has been open since December 2017. Josef stated that the Humane Society of Greenwood is the largest supplier of cats for the cattery. Kittens are typically introduced to the program when they are 8 to 12 weeks old.

The new cattery panel is a mix of Humane Society adopted kittens and purebred cats, the statement said. The kittens now go through their qualification phase, the last step before becoming official Panelis tasters.


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