Designer Bengal Singapore is a cattery specializing in exotic cats

Spend some time browsing Instagram or TikTok and you’ll definitely come across videos of cats doing their thing. From punching seals in the face for ‘stealing their fish’ (absolutely hilarious) to do the craziest things, cats can be incredibly quirky and cute. And if you want to spend time with the cutest exotic catshurry to go Designer Bengal Singapore.

Located at East Coastthis cattery specializes in a wide range of exotic cats from the majestic bengals and majestic beardless Sphynxhuge fluffy Maine Coons and a sweet hug rag dolls. They also have (arguably) one of the cutest cat breeds ever, the Scottish pleatsstocky Munchkins, Toygers, British Shorthair and american curl cats too.

Designer Bengal Singapore

Generally larger in size compared to our Singapore domestic cats, also affectionately known as our Lion City Kitties – these exotic cats are gorgeous, friendly and certainly exhibit the same silly and cute tendencies as all cats.

Photos: @designerbengalsingapore/instagram

There are exotic kittens for sale also so if you are thinking of bringing home a new furry family member this is a good place to consider as some people have left rave reviews of this place being one of the best catteries in Singapore where they went.

bengal designer singapore
Photo: Designer Bengal Singapore

To $5 per person for a 30 minutes visit to this cattery, be sure to make an appointment (call 624242416 or WhatsApp 96191577) before heading down as tours here are strictly by appointment.

PS: There are more cafes and pet catteries around Singapore with lots of the cutest dogs and cats to interact with if you are looking for a fun activity to do, perfect for dates, group outings and family outings too!

Designer Bengal Singapore
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📍 [email protected]308 Telok Kurau Road, #01-14, 423858
🕒 12pm – 8pm (Wed to Sun, strictly by appointment only)

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