Crossgate woman launches petition to help kennels and catteries


A woman from CROSSGATES hopes Fifers will sign a petition so that kennels and catteries receive the same financial support as other businesses.

Owners of local kennels and catteries have felt the impact of Covid-19 travel restrictions and are supporting support for a petition to be presented to the House of Commons.

But since last March, when the pandemic hit the UK, fewer people have left for breaks and the normal business of owners of pet-friendly establishments has been wiped out, so many have a hard time continuing.

The online petition needs 100,000 names to spark a debate on the issue in Westminster, and Maureen Cuthbertson, of Bucklyvie Cattery, Crossgates, hopes residents of the West-Central Fife area will attach their names to it.

Maureen said: “It has been such a difficult time, with all the travel restrictions that have been necessary to try to contain the coronavirus, and it has been a real struggle.

“The point is, despite the impact, boarding schools and catteries have not received the same support as the travel and hospitality industries.

“We hope that the petition can receive the 100,000 signatures it needs to be heard in Parliament, this could save the lives of many local businesses.”

The petition can be viewed online under ‘Support Boarding Kennels And Catteries’ and it states:’ We call for boarding schools and catteries to be recognized as directly and seriously suffering from the impact of Covid travel restrictions and have access to a support in the same way. way as the travel and hospitality industries.

“The British are a nation of pet lovers. When away from home to travel for work, health reasons or to care for a parent, pet owners can count on boarding schools and catteries to care for their pets. of company.

“Due to Covid-related travel restrictions, kennels and catteries face huge losses, potential closure and even bankruptcy.

“Without help, these businesses will simply disappear, impacting the wider tourism industry and causing animals to be abandoned in shelters and charities.”

Over the weekend, nearly 22,000 names were added to the petition, but more is needed to get a debate in Parliament.

Maureen added, “We hope local animal lovers will support the petition to win a debate on the issue.”

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