Couple slam ‘nosy’ neighbors who complained they ‘abused’ their cats by leaving them outside all day

WIGSTON, LEICESTERSHIRE: An elderly couple have alleged that a nosy neighbor was harassing them because they left their cats outside their house. Fay Massey and Brian Helliwell, both 72, said they received an anonymous threatening letter, which said the felines “looked depressed because they were on hard ground all day”.

In the letter, the person said they had reported the pair to several animal rights groups and also threatened them, saying they were “unwilling to put up with it, especially if you at least three cats”. The long note read: “For the past few months I have lived in Wigston, I have noticed at least three or four adorable cats in your driveway. The more I saw them, the more I began to question the safety of these cats.



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“Whether you’re home all day or not, it’s not right to leave cats outside all day. I often drive by at different times of the day and see them all sitting there instead of in the comfort of a home like they should be. A bowl of food [and] the water is not enough for these cats and how rotten this food could be outside all day is animal abuse. You can love these cats but you can’t [of] life for them, especially one of them who looks very young,” he continued.


The letter read: ‘I don’t see any personality in these cats, they look depressed because they’ve been on hard ground all day. How would you like it? Cats are family not property, you wouldn’t have young children in your driveway all day. It’s no different – if you don’t agree, then owning a cat isn’t for you. I have raised a case with a number of animal charities who advised me to contact you to do two things.

He also went on to advise them on how to take care of the cats before adding: “1- Have the cats indoors – please note that I have watched and will watch the driveway and will continue to do so . 2- Take them to a cattery or an animal charity that will give them the life they should live in a warm and comfortable home. This is not a personal attack on you, I’m more interested in the safety of these beautiful cats. In this case, I am not willing to put up with it, especially if you have at least three cats.


But Massey slammed the letter saying: ‘I don’t understand why this person says they saw cats on the front and they don’t look healthy and they look depressed. How can they say that when they don’t even know cats? You cannot keep a cat indoors. We have the cat flap, it is never closed so they can come and go whenever they want. That’s what cats are – free spirits. They do what they want. »


The old woman explained: ‘It just annoyed us how we are with animals that one person moved here for a few months and said, ‘I don’t think you take care of your animals’ because they sit in front. »

Massey’s retired husband also agreed with her, saying: ‘Everyone here knows Fay is Dr Dolittle – Fay looks after every animal on this earth, she would have them all if she could . Whoever sent this knows nothing about cats – you can’t lock up any animals, especially cats.


Calling the letter a “personal attack,” Helliwell added: “If they’re not willing to accept it, why aren’t they coming forward to identify themselves? We will welcome all the rescuers who come to check on our house and our animals. That’s why we went to the police station because it borders on harassment or harassment. The person put it in the mailbox knowing that we live ten doors down because she put our address on the letter. But they put it in the trunk across the road anyway because they obviously don’t want us to see them on the camera at the door.


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