Cork Cat Owner Sues Woman After Pedigree Moggy Fails To Get Pregnant By Tom Price

In a tale rivaling Netflix hit ‘Tiger King’, Inna Kozinda went to small claims court after her British short hair didn’t get pregnant – despite spending a strenuous 18 days in the company of champion Natalija Rubika, Tomcat “Bonaparte Via Latea”.

Kozinda, a nail technician, felt the €400 fee she paid to have her moggy serviced should be returned to her after “the magic didn’t happen”.

And, when that wasn’t the case, she took her case to Bandon Small Claims Court, as reported by The Southern Star newspaper.

There, a puzzled judge, Colm Robert, dismissed the case after speculating that the ‘Romeo of cats’ could be brought to Ms Kozinda’s feline and that she would not have become pregnant if, for example, she was sterile.

“Perhaps your cat,” Judge Roberts said, “didn’t want to be a mother and the likelihood of that not happening after the fourth time around was high.”

Speaking to The Sunday World this week, a relieved Natalija – headmistress of the Russian school in Cork – described the 24-month long disagreement “like two long years.

“All my friends told me that was fair enough,” she said.

“It lasted a long time and I did my best.

“It was our agreement, between Inna and me, and I think it was very clear.

“I had a cat and our situation was that we were interested in meeting them and she was also interested.

“Usually cats have kittens very quickly.

“And it was understood that it could take two or three times longer.

“But it wasn’t just me and Inna who were involved…it was the cats too!”

“And we did everything we could to keep them quiet and noiseless or any (distraction) but Inna’s cat from the start, she was very nervous.

“She looked like she was under pressure and she didn’t like being moved from her house.

“When she was here she was very stressed and I decided to offer to let her spend more days in our house so that it could work.”

Natalija said that in total Inna’s cat spent 18 days in her home over four visits – although in her opinion – the original agreement was that the cat would only stay for a few days.

“Inna is not my friend but I knew her personally because her son goes to Russian school and her son has a class and I was his teacher.”

Asked about the value of the British shorthair cat, Natalija said felines sell for an average of €700 per kitten, but that can go up to €1,500 or €2,000 depending on parentage.

Natalija’s cat, Bonaparte, won at a show in 2014, after which the family were offered €2,000 to sell it.

“He’s an Irish champion, we have his trophy, and his pedigree is recorded,” she continued.

“We are very proud of this cat.

“We bought him in a category in Latvia in 2012 and he came with all his papers.”

When asked if €400 to raise Bonaparte had been a bargain, Natalija replied, “It wasn’t about the money.

“It was more for the cat.

“She wanted to have kittens but we just wanted to meet for our cat.

“I was happy and she was happy.”

When asked why she thought Inna went to court, Natalija replied: ‘She was angry and she was disappointed and I think she thought it was a waste of time.

“She wanted the money back but I explained to her that her cat had stayed with us for 18 days.

“Even the court judge said that having a cat stay in a cattery costs €30 a night.

“I understand that she was disappointed because she wanted to get results.

“But I’m a teacher and the parents spend money on the lessons but they don’t pay me for the exam marks…they pay for the preparation.

“With that, it’s the same.

“She said she paid for kittens but I don’t have any.

“I have a cat and she paid for the opportunity her cat had with him.”

During the small claims court hearing in Bandon District Court, plaintiff Inna said she placed an ad on Facebook on September 15, 2019 looking for a male cat to impregnate her pedigree cat. .

Natalija Rubika responded to the ad because she has a similar male British shorthair cat who had “experience” in impregnating cats.

“She said the service would cost €400 and that I would continue to bring the cat until she got pregnant,” said Ms Kozinda, who added that there was no agreed time frame as to how long she would continue to bring her cat to Ms. Rubika. lodge.

“I bought her four times from her between September 2019 and April last year, but she didn’t get pregnant. I have the right to get my money back.

She told the court that while she understood it was Mother Nature at work, she believed the service she requested had not been provided.

“I asked her for a refund and she said no because she said she was looking after my cat at those times.”

Judge Roberts said he had never heard of this situation before, but was “open to new things”.

In her testimony, Natalija said they had a good relationship initially and told Ms. Kozinda to bring her cat back, if it didn’t work out the first time or the next time.

“I have never guaranteed a pregnancy because it is [down to] Mother Nature, but I could offer them the opportunity to meet.

“It didn’t work out and I offered her more time for her cat to stay with us,” she said.

Dismissing the complaint, Judge Roberts said the contract between the two women was “too vague”.

And he said Ms Rubika had not confirmed the cat could stay at her house indefinitely.

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