Clever dog learns to play Jenga with his owner


Meet the deft bitch Anya, who loves nothing more than playing Jenga with her owner.

The intelligent four-year-old German Shepherd uses his teeth to play the classic family game with Lori Knoble.

Lori, a 55-year-old business owner, told Team Dogs: “She never fails to amaze us. I set up the Jenga game and without any training she just seemed to know what to do. ”

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Anya grabs a loose block of the mixture, gently pulls it out with her teeth, then places it on the coffee table and waits for her opponent to leave.

Lori and her husband, John Knoble, got Anya from a local breeder when she was 12 weeks old.

Lori added, “From the start, Anya was incredibly helpful and smart.

“She would help get the clothes out of the dryer, bring us the TV remote and everything.

“One day in my quarantine, I was looking for a way to entertain ourselves, so I set up Jenga, and she was there, ready to play the game.

“She saw me play, went to grab a block and managed to hold the tower straight, all casually with a smile on her face.”

Lori and John, from Cleveland, Ohio, now want to share their dog’s antics with the rest of the world.

German Shepherd Anya loves playing Jenga with her owner, Lori

Lori said: “She has truly been a blessing to us and we yearn to share her light, amazing and silly antics with the world in hopes of spreading love and joy.”

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