Cat rescued after being dumped and left for dead in Dublin mountains

A young cat is being cared for by an animal welfare charity after being locked in a transport cage and left for dead in the mountains of Dublin.

The sickening act of cruelty was widely condemned on social media after the DSPCA released a photo of the cat, named Cruagh after the woods where he was discovered.

The charity said she had been locked in a cat cage, with no access to food or water, and most likely would have died had she not been found by a family on a walk.

The DSPCA described Cruagh as “a beautiful, lovely and friendly girl” and said she was recovering well from her ordeal.

“How could anyone leave her like this is unbelievable,” a spokesperson said.

“We help so many families who cannot take care of their pets. All we ask is that they be a little patient and take care of them until we have room to accommodate them.

“Dumping a pet just isn’t right and wrong,” they added.

Cruagh is now moving to the DSPCA Cattery in Rathfarnham where she will be cared for until she finds a new home.

“She is extremely sweet and loves being around you and being petted,” they said. “With her sweet nature and adorable temperament, she is sure to make someone very happy.”

Social media users reacted angrily to the DSPCA’s post, describing the incident as “diabolical”, “shocking” and “distressing”.

“Thank goodness she was found before she suffered a horrific death – how these people can sleep at night is beyond me,” one person commented.

Another said, “Who would do such a thing to a poor animal? I’m so glad she’s safe now.

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