Cat invades soccer field and finds owners after missing for months

While most pitch invasions are cause for concern, a recent one at a football game led to a happy reunion.

During an intense game between Sheffield Wednesday and Wigan Athletic at Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield, Yorkshire on Wednesday, a cat interrupted an English Football League game in progress.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, the feline is seen suddenly jumping onto the pitch, taking the players by surprise. However, interrupting the game, two footballers then try to save the cat. Even though the cat tries to run away, Wigan Athletic’s Jason Kerr manages to get the animal off the pitch and out of harm’s way.

Despite the 94th-minute interruption of the match, which Sheffield won, Kerr’s side won hearts online. Netizens praised the players for taking care of their furry fan.

Sheffield Wednesday later confirmed the cat was safe and after being examined by vets he was treated for a head injury and a bite on his neck. “The cat has received pain relief, antibiotics and she is now eating food,” the football club tweeted.

According to BBC News, when the cat was examined at the vet clinic it was found to be microchipped and they contacted the owners, who believed their beloved pet had died after going missing last year. Topsey went missing near Worrall, around 4km from Hillsborough Stadium, where he was found during Wednesday night’s game. “Topsey had escaped from owner Alison Jubb in June during a trip to a cattery in North Sheffield,” the report said.

Jubb said iTV News After trying to find her pet using social media and putting up posters, she lost all hope until Wednesday when her daughter-in-law called. “My daughter-in-law called me last night and said, ‘Are you watching the football game?’ I said no, and she said there was a cat running around the football field that looked like Topsey,” the owner recalled.

She admitted she laughed it off because she thought it couldn’t be her cat. However, she soon got a call from the vet about Topsey. The woman thanked all the players and staff for taking care of her pet.

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