Buy a T-shirt, feed a dog

A shelter for some 2,000 stray dogs in Kuala Sawah, Negri Sembilan, is selling t-shirts at its latest fundraiser to ensure dogs continue to be cared for.

Furrykids Safehaven vice president Rohini Harichandra said the cash-strapped shelter fell below its fundraising target as donations continued to dwindle.

“We remain cautiously optimistic about our ability to achieve our goal, but this is only possible with public support.

“By buying a T-shirt, you can feed a dog in our shelter for half a month,” she said, adding that it would help the shelter, which also cares for puppies and disabled dogs.

Rohini said the past few months have been extremely difficult, but team members are doing their best to provide for all rescued animals.

The specially designed printed t-shirt is made of cotton and available in sizes XS to XXL in three color options white, black or grey. It costs RM50 each, excluding postage.

The t-shirt features painted illustrations of several rescued dogs as the front visual, with a slogan that reads “Rescued is my favorite breed”.

“As well as aiming to raise funds, the post also aims to raise awareness about adopting street dogs as pets, instead of buying pedigree breeds from stores, especially in light of the growing number of stray dogs that are abandoned, injured or afflicted with disease,” she said.

The T-shirts are now open for pre-orders and the shelter hopes to raise between RM3,000 and RM5,000. “We are grateful and blessed to be part of this journey, and hope the public feels the same about our cause, so our dogs don’t go to sleep hungry,” Rohini added.

The public can check the shelter’s Facebook page at FurryKids Safehaven for updates on adoption campaigns and volunteering information.

Furrykids Safehaven started with 70 dogs that were rescued from euthanasia from a pound in Kuala Lumpur in 2017.

Today, the shelter covers 2.8 ha of land, including working-class quarters, isolation rooms, quarantine and boarding kennels, storerooms, a roaming area, hangars as well as ‘a desk.

Between RM90,000 and RM120 per month is needed to run the shelter, including utilities, rent, salaries, food and medicine.

The rental of the land is almost RM58,000 and the maintenance is RM36,000. The organization also has to vaccinate the dogs every year, which costs around RM60,000.

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