Boksburg SPCA to Offer ‘Help’ with Sterilization and Vaccination of Pets



The Boksburg SPCA helps pet owners who cannot afford to have their pet sterilized, vaccinated or treated by a private veterinarian.

According to SPCA Director Maggie Mudd, as a society for the prevention of animal cruelty, it is important for pet owners to understand the following:

  • An SPCA support form must be completed before help can be offered with sterilization, vaccinations, or medical assistance.
  • This form asks the owner to reveal their income and expenses and any dependents they may have.
  • From there, the Boksburg SPCA can determine if they will be able to assist the pet owner with the procedure. If this is the case, a reduced rate will be granted to the owner.

“We will only vaccinate or medically assist an animal that has already been sterilized or if the owner agrees to have sterilization performed.

“If the owner is unwilling to sterilize their animal, we cannot help them with vaccination or medical treatment.

“By vaccinating an animal, you increase that animal’s chances of staying healthy (which is positive), but you also increase its chances of producing litters or, with males, of being responsible for fathering litters. kittens and puppies (which is problematic from the point of view of the SPCA) ”

She says SPCAs across the country are being seriously criticized for humane euthanasia of unwanted animals, but people don’t always understand that they don’t keep these animals.

“The SPCAs are not responsible for their creation; we just take responsibility for their care and try to find new loving homes for them.

“Unfortunately, the number of puppies and kittens born far exceeds the number of suitable homes available.

“By insisting on the sterilization of all animals that come to society for medical treatment or vaccination, we are making, on our small scale, a difference in the number of domestic animals that are born.

“It must also be recognized that the SPCAs cannot refuse admission to any stray or unwanted animal.

“Other animal organizations may make the decision to say they are full when they feel their kennels and catteries can no longer accept animals. We don’t have that “luxury”.

“Sometimes sick animals are brought to us when it is simply too late to treat them successfully or the pet owners just don’t have the money available to treat them medically.

“In these cases, we offer to help the owner and the animal by offering humane euthanasia of the animal.

“We have at times been heavily condemned for offering this service, but in cases where the owner of the sick or injured animal does not have the funds available to cover the reduced fees that we charge, this is usually the only option available. .

“The Boksburg SPCA simply cannot afford to cover the medical costs of a possessed animal.

“We have a good relationship with all of the vets in Boksburg and want to see it happen.

“This means that we will not knowingly take their clients away or knowingly treat or sterilize an animal owned by an owner who can actually afford to pay the vet fees.”

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