Boise New Hires will now need to be vaccinated, says Boise mayor

Boise Mayor Lauren McLean has emerged to issue a new order involving new hires. As of January 3, 2022, Boise will require that any new hire be vaccinated with the two Phizers, two Moderna or Johnson & Johnson. McLean’s order mimics other mandates from the Idaho National Guard, Saltzer Health, and other Idaho employers. The mayor made the announcement in a statement released Thursday morning.

“We must take action to ensure uninterrupted municipal services and programs and to protect the health and safety of our community, especially our most vulnerable, our children,” said Boise Mayor Lauren McLean. “We will soon be hiring hundreds of staff for our spring / summer activities, such as swimming pools and play camps, and these new staff will train and teach thousands of children. We must do it now to keep our children safe.

An interesting development, in this case, is that the tenure is only for new hires. It requires that new employees, temporary or contract employees be vaccinated. The city says it encourages all city employees to get vaccinated and receive reminders if needed.

The mayoress continued to express her enthusiasm for all the inhabitants of the woods to be vaccinated. “We have an obligation to our employees to do what we can to keep them as healthy as possible,” added Mayor McLean. “Vaccines are a big part of it. “

The mayor has been heavily criticized for her handling of the Covid virus. She ordered the companies to enforce the warrants with the threat of losing their licenses if the mask warrants were not met. The Veterans Day Parade and Holiday Parade have been canceled due to its conditions.

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