Boarding schools: check the license if you go for Christmas

Dog owners departing this Christmas are advised to check the Reading kennels or boarders they use to ensure they are licensed.

Reading Borough Council inspects premises before granting a license to ensure pets are safe, well cared for and kept in good condition with proper facilities, space and exercise.

A list of licensed animal boarding providers is available on the council’s website

The council also encourages residents without a permit to come forward and obtain the appropriate permit.

It is an offense for kennels, catteries or dog boarders not to have a license and they can be prosecuted, but many continue to operate without a license, which means that the standards under which pets are kept may vary.

In an effort to persuade residents of unlicensed dog homes to come forward, the council recently revised its license fees.

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If business owners come forward before December, the fees until the end of the year will be waived.

Fees for 2016 have also been revised to reflect the size of residents at dog homes, meaning that fees are now allocated based on the number of animals cared for, rather than a flat rate regardless of the size. size of the company. Returning residents are encouraged by a reduced early bird rate.

Councilor Paul Gittings, Senior Member of Consumer Services, said: “In the best interest of the welfare of our furry friends, it is important for pet owners to verify if the pensions they choose are approved by the board.

“This way people can enjoy a getaway with the peace of mind that their pet is being cared for in the best possible way.

“I also strongly encourage all unlicensed establishments to come forward, obtain a license and join the Council’s list of approved pet boarding providers available at”

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