Boarding kennels are part of Three Counties Dog Rescue’s success as a Bourne charity

Three years ago we were close to realizing a major ambition for Three Counties Dog Rescue, writes Max Mauchline, who heads the charity.

We were about to purchase and take over ownership of the kennels where we had previously paid to keep our rescue dogs.

This was made possible by a legacy left to us by one of the salvage’s original owners.

Gyll and Max Mauchline run Three Counties Dog Rescue in Bourne

Full ownership meant accepting what resource management entailed, including staffing, managing supplies, and raising standards to the desired level.

Over the next three years we transformed the kennel site at Spalding Road. One of the first works was to remove much of the massive conifers that restricted access. The openness of the approach made a big difference. A renewed shingle area gave the kennels a much better look and parking.

Improved fixed heating in the kennels and cattery has been installed, with obtaining our boarding license for dogs and cats being the next step. Reservations for boarding went well throughout the summer, with proceeds contributing to the dog rescue fund. A new cremation unit has enabled us to provide thoughtful, individual cremations when animals have reached their final chapter.

We started using our large land by cleaning up the pond, which now has beehives located next to it.

All of this has been achieved in the context of covid and adjustments to be made to allow repatriations to resume once restrictions are eased.

A key addition was the purchase of a large marquee, located in our gated enclosure. This meant potential owners could be seen outside but under cover and has now become our standard means of operation.

More plans are about to come to fruition and we hope to be able to announce the latest exciting development soon. The number of unwanted dogs and cats is not decreasing and all this work is aimed at allowing us to continue to provide for them.

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