Blind one-eyed cat starts new life in Horsham



Chickadee, a three-year-old red-haired cat, arrived in Battersea in March when a change of circumstances meant her former owner could no longer care for her.

The pet cat was born with feline herpes and lost his sight and one of his eyes at a young age, but quickly adjusted to his blindness.

Battersea Cattery Team Leader Bonita Brincat said, “Chickadee is such a remarkable cat. She is not at all fazed by her blindness and enjoys doing everything other cats do, from curling up on her knees to hunting toys and exploring her mini realm.

Chickadee is blind in one eye but still enjoying life

“When she first arrived at the cattery, we noticed that she was going around a lot, which can often be a sign of stress.

“I took her to my house to see how she would fare in a family environment and, as hoped, she quickly relaxed and her incredibly loving and playful nature shone.”

After several weeks in the care of the charity, Chickadee was ready to find a new home – and it wasn’t long before a couple in Horsham were matched with her.

The animal-loving couple had recently lost their own blind rescue cat Reggie and had also owned a Battersea Staffie in the past.

New owner Nikki Soane said: “Chickadee is amazing and already part of the family – she absolutely loves life and you would think she has always been here. “After losing Reggie it was really hard on us and the house seemed empty.

“Our home is full of love and happiness again because Chickadee is part of our lives – it’s amazing how much love an animal can give.

“We have always had rescued pets, it is so gratifying to give a rescued animal the chance to have a loving home forever.

“Whatever their disability, all animals deserve to feel loved and wanted. “

To find out why rescue animals are the best pets, visit Battersea’s website or join the rescue movement using #RescueIsMyFavouriteBreed.


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