Beauty in The Pot reopens children’s play areas with new benefits and up to 50% off for women in July

Say the magic words”want go to beauty in the jar?” and my day is made instantly. If, like me, you frequent the famous hotpot chain in Paradise Groupyou will be happy to hear about these upcoming promotions and exciting updates.

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In commemoration of his 8e anniversary, Beauty in The Pot has a special Promotion ladies of July 18–24, 2022 it’s too good to miss.

  • Dine with 1 lady: 10% discount on food ingredients
  • Dine with 2 ladies: 20% off food ingredients
  • Dine with 3 ladies: 30% off food ingredients
  • Dine with 4 ladies: 40% off food ingredients
  • Dine with 5 or more women: 50% off food ingredients

Note that this on-site promotion is valid for walk-in only (excluding meals in private rooms), and applies to women aged 18 and over.

the beauty in
Photo: Beauty in the pot

By the end of the year, ladies with Maybank debit or credit cards can also enjoy a free cocktailthe Sparkling Woman (Up to $16.80)on Tuesdays. Bottom up!

Family fun

the beauty in
Photo: Beauty in the pot

Moms having dinner with their children will now be able to enjoy their favorite fondue without interruption, because the children’s play areas in all outlets are back. Children will also be able to exchange a token for the toy capsule machines and play with sculpted balloons.

Here is more good news for adults and children — the ice cream cart to NEXT and west gate Points of sale will also return. In addition, guests celebrating their birthday during this period will receive a exclusive party cake – Hip Hip Hooray!

New soup base

the beauty in
Photo: Beauty in the pot

Change up your usual hotpot orders with the new seasonal Broth of marinated vegetables with golden seafoodwhich will only be available until September 30, 2022. Savor the harmonious combination of seafood, canned vegetables and spicy peppers believed to provide energy and immune benefits.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to get the girls together for a long-awaited fondue sesh.

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