Axhayes seeks homes for three long-term cats

6:00 PM February 22, 2022

6:22 PM February 22, 2022

Homes are being sought for three cats that have been in the care of Cats Protection for some time.

The foster center is currently closed for a full rebuild, so cats in need of homes are cared for at an Exmouth cattery and foster families.

Billy and Benny are two five-year-old male cats who have never had free access to the outside world, only going out to cat runs alongside a house. They need a home where they can start dating in a safe place away from roads and cars.

Axhayes’ Jackie Phipp said: “Billy and Benny can both be nervous, but once they get comfortable with you they will crave attention. They enjoy restlessness and meals and will happily relax on the back of the sofa.

“Billy and Benny are vocal cats who know when a meal is coming. They have lived with a quiet dog before and could do the same again. They are also looking for a quiet home as loud noises can scare them. They would like to start exploring the outside world in a safe place with owners who understand their restless nature.

Kizzy, an elderly cat with an affectionate character
– Credit: Axhayes Cats Protection

Kizzy is an affectionate 16 year old girl, who needs a quiet home with no other pets or children, with experienced owners who want the company of a cat.

Jackie said: “Kizzy loves nothing more than following her human companions around the house, sleeping on her lap and occasionally playing with her toys. When she’s not snoring, Kizzy loves chin tickles and will tell you soon with a friendly paw if you stop too soon Kizzy was in foster care for a while after being admitted with a skin condition this has now improved significantly but will she need to continue taking medication to keep it at bay.

Anyone interested in adopting one of these cats should visit the Axhayes website or call 01395 232 377.

Other cats available for adoption are visible on the Axhayes website

The new adoption center is expected to open in the winter of this year. It will have the latest facilities for cats, staff and visitors, including an “enrichment garden” where cats can view nature and wildlife from their enclosures, and where staff and volunteers can go to relax.

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