Are you going on vacation this summer? Here’s your checklist for the holidays – don’t pack your bags without it!


So you’ve booked your family holiday, what’s next? It’s time to start planning!

Having a complete vacation checklist in place is the difference between a last minute panic and your long-awaited getaway going as smoothly as possible.

Once everything is checked, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride, confident that when you reach your destination, you will have everything you need to make it the perfect break.

With that in mind, Femail and Kwik Fit are joining forces to offer expert advice and tips to make your stay – and the round trip – run as smoothly as possible.

You deserve a break this summer, and a road trip is perfect – but plan ahead!

Create wishlist


Savor every moment of your vacation by making a bucketlist – with everyone’s input – to make sure you get everything you want to do.

Here are some of our top suggestions: Get up early to see a sunrise or sunset; learn to surf or paddle board; zipline; relax with a day at the spa or treat yourself to a massage; go to observe wildlife; visit a castle or a stately home; lazing on the beach for a day; eat fish ‘n’ chips or make fun of jam and scones; go stargazing; or take a boat trip.

Before you leave


QUESTION: How often does a car need to be serviced?

It depends on your vehicle, the manufacturer will usually specify the maintenance interval as items can degrade when not in use (like oil and brake fluid).

However, it is generally recommended that you have your vehicle professionally checked at least once a year, as this can reduce repair bills in the long run.

The more prepared you are as you approach your stay, the less likely you are to rush out the front door trying to forget the state you will be coming home to. The day before you leave, clear your refrigerator and cupboards of anything that could go off while you are away.

Make sure the animals are taken care of – and don’t forget to leave that person with a key and alarm instructions – or that they are kept in kennels or catteries. Inform a neighbor of your absence and give him a key and emergency contact details just in case.

Research before the holidays

Check out local attractions such as museums, zoos, stately homes and theme parks, and restaurants online. You may need to book in advance. Do they have a cafe on site or will you need to bring a packed lunch? How far is your vacation home?

Enter postal codes into your GPS or phone to be ready to go when you need them. It can be helpful to keep a rough journal of what you plan to do while you are away so you can allow time to relax too!

Drive with confidence

You’ll use your car more, and for longer, during a stay – en route to your destination, then on day trips to the beach or local attractions. It is best to have your vehicle checked by experts before you leave, to make sure your vacation is hassle-free. Leave your car in the safe hands of qualified Kwik Fit technicians and book a Vehicle Safety Check. They will check your tires, both tread depth and pressure; your battery, to make sure it does not break down along the way; and fill up with coolant if necessary to prevent your engine from overheating.

Their trusted team will also evaluate your windshield wipers so you don’t get caught in a downpour; and your bulbs, to make sure you can see – and be seen. Kwik Fit also offers a Checking the brakes and a free Air conditioning check for complete peace of mind.

You will be using your car more, and for longer, during a stay, so have it checked beforehand

You will be using your car more, and for longer, during a stay, so have it checked beforehand


We asked MailOnline readers about their car concerns, and three came out on top: brakes, tires and engines.

So Femail enlisted the help of the trained technicians at Kwik Fit – here’s what they say!

Brakes: Listen for unusual noises when driving, some brake pads have “squeal” indicators that rub against the disc to alert the driver that they are lowering. Some modern vehicles also have brake pad warning lights or indicators on the dashboard, these are separate from ABS or ESP warning lights which can also indicate a brake fault.

Tires: Use the “20p” test and make sure the pressures are checked regularly; If possible, in a safe place, put the steering on full lock so you can see the entire tire to check for wear or potential damage. It is also important to ensure that the wheel alignment is correct after any severe shock or pothole impact, as this can dramatically reduce tire life and increase fuel consumption.

Motor: Make sure that the oil and coolant are checked and topped regularly as needed, especially before long journeys. Using the right oil for your vehicle is essential to prevent damage to your engine, so if you are unsure have it checked by an expert.

Pack only what you need!

First, keep an eye on the weather – if it’s sunny for two weeks (fingers crossed!), Leave the raincoats and diapers at home. Likewise, if the forecast calls for rain and wind, don’t put on your summer clothes hoping for a change.

Make a packing checklist for each family member and make it a suitable destination – whether you’re going camping, hiking, or for a relaxing break at the beach. And be sure to buy a roof box – being crammed into the car for hours on end won’t be fun for anyone.

Toys and technology

Does your holiday home have wifi? Otherwise, you won’t be able to stream your favorite shows – neither will the kids. So, before you leave the house, be sure to pack any tablets or devices with games, TV shows, and movies suitable for everyone.

Bring a book each, or a Kindle, and download your favorite podcasts as well, so there’s plenty to choose from to relax, even when you’re offline. Go old-fashioned and pack some of your favorite board games, something for the whole family to get involved with.

Snack time!

Book a grocery delivery for your arrival – or, if there’s room in the car, pack some snacks and dried items that you’re sure to need. You’ll be more than usual in the car for outings and local attractions, so bringing your own snacks is perfect for saving a few pounds on emergency stops.

Pack boxes of tupperware with nuts and raisins, chunks of cucumber and cheese, and popcorn and fruit, to avoid the inevitable “they ate more than me” arguments about candy and cheese. chips. A mess-free lunch box (avoid soups or pasta with sauce!) Is also ideal.

Then relax and enjoy all that the UK has to offer, on a vacation you have no doubt been looking forward to for LONG!

Relax and enjoy all that the UK has to offer - you have been waiting for it for a <a class=long time!” class=”blkBorder img-share” style=”max-width:100%” />

Relax and enjoy all that the UK has to offer – you have been waiting for it for a long time!

Book with Kwik Fit for three essential controls for complete peace of mind:

Vehicle Safety Check: Don’t risk breaking down or being stranded by the side of the road for hours on the way to your vacation home. Book a free vehicle safety check and Kwik Fit’s qualified technicians will check your:

  • Tires, to assess general condition, including tread and pressure.
  • Charging the battery, so your car goes the distance.
  • Coolant / antifreeze levels to make sure they are filled.
  • Wiper blades for cracks or damage.
  • They will recharge your washer if necessary.
  • Bulbs to make sure they are not faulty or broken.

Checking the brakes: Your brakes being in good working order before a road trip is essential. They are essential for controlling your speed and making emergency stops if necessary, so book for a free brake check before you set off. Qualified Kwik Fit technicians will assess the wear of the brake pads, shoes, brake discs and drums. You will also receive a full report – with tips and recommendations – in less than an hour.

Air conditioning check: Don’t run the risk of your air conditioning breaking down on what is probably your longest commute of the year. Instead, book for a free air conditioning check with Kwik Fit’s trained technicians for peace of mind.

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