Appreciation of black cats – five black cats to adopt



One of the most often misunderstood creatures to roam our streets, black cats have a bad reputation.

According to superstition, black cats are said to be a symbol of bad luck, and as a result, many people give them a big place.

It is believed that this fear originated in the 17th century, when black cats were associated with witchcraft.

There are also tales dating back to ancient Greek mythology too.

But, no matter where it comes from, it means that these cute creatures can sometimes have a harder time than felines with a different color of fur.

Hopefully attitudes start to change for the better.

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Today (August 17) marks Black Cats Appreciation Day, making it the perfect day to celebrate these animals.

Across Newport, Gwent, and the wider region, there are a number of cats looking for forever homes, for a number of reasons.

For some, their family environment was not suitable or the previous owners were simply no longer able to take care of them.

Below, you can find five black cats currently in the process of adoption with the RSPCA.

Currently, the Newport branch doesn’t have many black cats to adopt, although there are several a short distance across the border.

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Five black cats currently in adoption


Where? Newport Animal Center

A three year old girl, Aeryn is described as “a sweetheart who just loves the hustle and bustle and attention”.

According to the RSPCA, she could live with reasonable children, but would need a home without a cat or dog.

More information can be found here.


Where? RSPCA South Cotswolds branch

With a name like Baby, you might be surprised to learn that he’s a him and is also 14 years old.

Argus of South Wales:

That being said, he is looking for a restful retirement home in a calm and comfortable environment.

While he is said to be friendly and enjoys company, he is not known for his vet visits.

More information can be found here.

Mr. Pingu

Where? RSPCA South Cotswolds branch

A former wanderer, Mr. Pingu needed decent medical care when he was brought to the RSPCA, and now needs a home to continue his recovery.

Considered to be friendly and lover of the bustle, a quieter home with company most of the day would be the perfect environment for him.

Argus of South Wales:

A household with children 13 and over is fine for this boy.

His RSPCA profile is available here.


Where? RSPCA South Cotswolds branch

Young domestic short-haired cross, he finds life in a cattery difficult.

According to the RSPCA, he is afraid of loud noises and is incredibly shy.

Argus of South Wales:

However, he enjoys making fuss on his own terms – and would need a quieter home to continue building his confidence.

An adult only, no other pets are a must for this guy.

More information can be found here.


Where? Cats and Dogs Bath Home

An outdoor cat, around three years old, Penelope is looking for a home with plenty of outdoor space.

Currently she lives outside and comes to get food and water, and ideally that would continue – with the choice to become more of a house cat once settled in.

Argus of South Wales:

Accordingly, a rural house is a must.

Everything you need to know can be found here.


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