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PET lovers are wanted for cats looking for their forever home.

The RSPCA branch in Bury and Oldham is issuing a special appeal for all black and black and white cats currently in their care.

National figures from the RSPCA show that black and black and white cats are seen most often in pet shops and take longer to find forever homes.

For black cats, it can take twice as long – on average, it took a black cat 30 days to find their forever home, compared to 16 days for a tabby cat.

Black and white cats took an average of 28 days to find their forever home, compared to a tortoiseshell cat which took just 17 days.

The RSPCA branch in Bury and Oldham currently only has all black and black and white cats available for adoption, with the length of their stay at the branch ranging from 115 days to 19 days (correct as of 1/11/22).

The beautiful Lulu has been waiting for him forever at home for 67 days.


Lulu was first rehomed by the branch a year ago but sadly her adopter could no longer keep her due to her declining health.

She is an affectionate woman and once she gets to know you she loves to snuggle up in your lap. In the year she was with her adoptive parent, she was clearly much loved, perhaps a bit too loved, which forced her to go on a diet as she is taller.

The staff are confident once Lulu is in a home and can play and move around as she pleases, she will lose that extra weight in no time.

It took Lulu a few days to readjust to the cattery after being in a house, but once settled in, she’s a lovely girl and welcomes you as soon as you walk through the door (although that could be because Lulu considers humans as its own personal treatment distributors).

When in a cheeky mood, Lulu can be quite playful, she seems to enjoy hunting toys better as she can run and chase them.

Lulu needs a home without pets and without young children. The branch is happy to meet with children 10 years and older and see how they are doing.

Little Raven has been waiting for her forever at home for 40 days.


She was a shy girl when she arrived at the center and she chose to hide in her covered bed. When staff and volunteers spent time with her, she would venture out to attract attention, but again hide when unexpected/loud noises occurred.

After only a few weeks Raven’s personality started to shine and she really came out of her shell, greeting the staff and volunteers at her door and enjoying the treats and attention they give her.

After having a stroke and fussing with it, she loves nothing more than to play! Her favorite toy is a string chaser toy and she will happily play as long as you are willing to participate.

Raven needs a quiet home with kids 10+, she could possibly live with another quiet cat but no dogs.

Count, Dracula and Vamp have been waiting for their forever home for 22 days, but spent more than a month in a private boarding school before waiting for a place in a shelter.

Count, Dracula and Vamp

They were picked up by the RSPCA after being left at an empty property. They were all understandably a little nervous at first, but are now starting to show their own personalities.

The Count is still a little nervous but has started to show a playful side, his confidence is expected to grow, his cheeky side too.

Dracula is a greedy guy and will forget to hide when he sees or hears the rustle of a bag of dreamers but once he scoffs at them he will retreat to his cozy bed he is a nice boy but he has still need time to gain more confidence.

Vamp is the most confident of the three, she likes to greet the staff at the door every day, sometimes she lets her curiosity get the better of her and even ventures into the cattery for some exploration.

Although the staff does not see the three of them cuddling, they form a bonded trio and become stressed and begin to panic when separated. They frantically try to find each other. For this reason, they seek to relocate these young people in trio.

They can possibly cohabit with other cats, children over 10 years old but will need a home without dogs. Eventually, they will need access to the outdoors to be able to explore.

Boo has been waiting for her forever at home for 26 days.


She is a sweet, slender little girl, who arrived with her feline friend Ghost after being removed from unsuitable conditions.

She might be a little nervous, but she has gained confidence now and is getting more cheeky every day. She loves to sit with staff and volunteers to get attention and play with hunter toys, but more than anything, she loves her food!

Boo arrived with her feline friend Ghost, although they get along, they are not extremely close and dependent on each other, so they can be relocated separately or together.

Although Boo looks all black, when you meet her, you’ll notice she has a nice sprinkling of white hair all over her coat, which makes her look like she’s been dipped in sugar.

Boo can possibly live with other cats, but the staff thinks she would be happier without a dog. The branch would consider relocating with children over the age of 8 after a successful meeting.

Please note that ratings are ongoing and subject to change.

To apply to adopt a cat from the RSPCA Bury and Oldham branch, you will need to complete a perfect match form and send it by e-mail to [email protected]

For more information on all the cats available for adoption, visit

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