All businesses that could close in level 3 lockdown zones under the new Covid-19 rules



All pubs and bars that do not serve food with alcohol “like a restaurant” will be closed under new strict restrictions on level 3 coronaviruses for areas on “high alert”

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Pubs and bars that don’t serve food with alcohol are among businesses forced to close under tough new Level 3 restrictions.

The Liverpool city area including the city center, Knowsley, the Wirral, St Helens, Sefton and Halton are listed as’ very high ‘under the new coronavirus alert regime unveiled by Boris Johnson today’ hui.

A number of other types of businesses may also be forced to close as they are subject to level 3 restrictions in England – and Liverpool executives have confirmed some of them.

The government has said that certain types of businesses in Level 3 zones will be subject to more local consultation before closures are imposed.

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Gyms could be forced to close in “very high” alert zones


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Discussions with local authorities remain ongoing after Boris Johnson presented the new three-tiered regime to MPs in Parliament this afternoon.

However, the Prime Minister announced in his address to the nation tonight that in the Liverpool city area it had been agreed with local leaders that this would mean the closure of recreation centers, gymnasiums, betting shops. and casinos.

Officials tonight assigned each area of ​​the country to either Level 1 (medium risk), Level 2 (high) or Level 3 (very high) due to soaring coronavirus rates across England.

Pubs will be ordered to close in very high alert areas if they are not serving food (file photo)



Here are all the businesses at risk of closure below level 3 …

Pubs and bars

The boozers have been ordered to close unless they serve meals like a restaurant.

This means serving substantial meals, such as a main meal at lunchtime or in the evening. They can only serve alcohol as part of such a meal.

Mixing of households into indoor spaces, including pubs, bars and restaurants, is prohibited in “very high alert areas”.

This means that the national “rule of six” does not apply to liquors that remain open in the most affected areas.

People will have to go to pubs and bars with their own household only.

Nightclubs and adult entertainment venues will remain closed.

That doesn’t change as they have been closed since the nationwide lockdown was imposed in March.

Hairdressers and beauty salons

The personal care industry could be hit again after waiting until July to reopen – but their fate is unclear tonight.

Hairdressers, barbers and beauty salons could be closed under Level 3 rules after most services reopen in July.

Government guidelines released today say any additional closures or restrictions will remain subject to further consultation.

It was not clear tonight whether personal care businesses in the Liverpool city area would be closed.

Gyms were only allowed to reopen a few months ago


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The only recently reopened fitness industry looks set to take another blow.

Gyms only reopened in July after months of restrictions and could be closed in Level 3 areas.

Level 3 restrictions could also include fitness and dance studios and sports facilities.

Government guidelines released today say any additional closures or restrictions will remain subject to further consultation.

In the Liverpool city area, leaders have agreed to the closure of gymnasiums, fitness and recreation centers.

Casinos could also be closed


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Casinos and bookmakers should be closed.

Recreation centers, betting shops and adult gaming centers may be subject to restrictions in Level 3 areas.

The prime minister did not explain how hotels, tourist attractions and arcades in hot spots would be affected by the new alert regime.

Paris shops could be forced to close


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But the guidelines say any additional closures or restrictions for businesses like casinos and recreation centers will be the subject of further consultation.

In the city of Liverpool area, local leaders have agreed to the closure of betting shops and casinos

What habit close

Supermarkets, non-essential stores, and restaurants may remain open.

However, all of these could still be affected by travel rules outside of level 3 zones.

Supermarkets are among the stores allowed to remain open


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People living on “very high” alert are advised to avoid traveling outside their local area.

They are also advised to avoid entering any other very high ranked field other than work, education, access to services for young people or to fulfill family responsibilities.

Government guidelines say people should avoid spending the night in another part of the UK if they reside in the Liverpool City area, and avoid spending the night there if they live elsewhere .

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