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Tara Estate Pet Boarding is a fun pet resort that offers pet boarding and grooming facilities. Photos: Thomas Lucraft.

A state-of-the-art enrichment playground that includes an outstanding swimming pool and climbing machine, along with other features such as air-conditioned bedrooms, sofas and TVs, are some of the amenities available in a large area of ​​Canberra.

But it’s just for pets.

Located in Pialligo, Tara Estate Pet Boarding is a fun pet resort. The resort’s pristine blue lake water even has a dock dive ramp, climbing logs, and canoes for dogs to sit on.

Tara Estate Pet Boarding and Dog Day Care offers a variety of dog services including extra play time, swimming, enrichment play areas, socialization, and exercise.

Owner Nicole Dimoff says she wanted to establish a pet resort in Canberra that provides all the services they need under one roof, and where they can roam freely.

Nicole Dimoff with dog

Tara Estate owner Nicole Dimoff with a four-legged friend. Photo: Thomas Lucraft.

Tara Estate Pet Boarding, one of Canberra’s oldest pet boarding facilities, is now set on a large 10 acre park in Pialligo. The center features upgraded playgrounds, a lake at the back, a high fence that keeps the premises secure, and enriched spaces tailored to the needs of furry guests.

Running a business is nothing new to Nicole. She previously owned an event management business, garden center, and interior design business. In addition to running Tara Estate Pet Boarding and a doggy day care center, Nicole’s business partner also runs a landscaping business.

“In 2018, we saw an established company that needed new energy, new focus and capital investment,” says Nicole. “We knew what we would want for our dogs and saw an opportunity to build an amazing pet complex on the acreage.

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“Creating a safe environment for dogs is of paramount importance to us, so we have consulted, designed and built an exceptional offering for all the dogs that stay with us, and we continue to improve our facility. “

Like many other businesses, Tara Estate Pet Boarding felt the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic downtime when travel was restricted and people stayed at home. Nicole says she used this time to improve the daycare’s business and focus on the needs of clients.

She says she observed that just like humans, pets were affected during the pandemic. As most pet owners worked from home during this time, their pets got used to receiving special attention from them.

“Pets were definitely affected after their owners returned to work,” explains Nicole. “They weren’t used to being alone again and some eventually developed separation anxiety. And because of the restrictions, they missed the opportunity to socialize with other pets.

“This is where our dog daycare grew from and we have now created different groups for dogs – depending on their size and breed – that meet their specific needs. We have several outdoor play areas where we can focus on the needs of different types of breeds. We also have sheltered or covered areas for the puppies.

“We also have facilities for our feline friends. Cats appreciate the large indoor and outdoor enclosures and the opportunity to play one-on-one with a team member in a large, open and secure space.

For more information, visit Tara Estate Pet Boarding.

The staff of the Tara Estate animal boarding house

The Tara Estate Pet Boarding team. Photo: Thomas Lucraft.


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