94 cats rescued from small apartment of backyard breeder in dire conditions



While this long weekend must have been filled with food, laughter and companionship, some of our feline friends who have been discovered in Hell for most of their lives were not.

According to the Saving The Siameses Facebook page, a group of volunteers carried out a massive rescue operation on Monday, June 26, rescuing a total of 94 cats (mostly Siamese) from a two-room HDB apartment in Fernvale. The apartment itself belonged to a breeder who could not afford to care for the cats after the illicit breeding operation got out of hand, leaving the poor felines to fend for themselves while they were locked inside. The identity of the breeder is not disclosed.

The Cat Welfare Society (CWS) discovered the accumulated cats last week and worked with volunteers from Saving The Siameses to organize the rescue operation, which lasted up to four hours, with the initial number of cats estimated to be about 56. But as more and more constantly appearing, the total number of cats almost doubled to 94.

In live videos and updates posted to Facebook, the situation has been described as “catastrophic”, with cats stinking of urine and poo. Many felines are said to be visibly in distress, suffering from illnesses and injuries such as feline flu and eye infections. Eighteen of them are currently being treated by the veterinarian, while the others are accommodated in a commercial boarding house. Sadly, one of the kittens, around 10 days old, died while in foster care because he was too malnourished before the rescue.

According to CWS, this case is just one of seven cat build-up situations they’ve faced this year. “We found out that a lot of them started by raising cats and it gets out of hand for lack of knowledge,” they said. “We want to remind everyone that animals are NOT easy money.”

An AVA spokesperson informed Singapore coconut that investigations are currently underway. “We will take appropriate action upon conclusion of our findings,” he said.

A Saving The Siameses article noted that cats will be treated and housed at the Pet Boarding Center before potential adopters show up.

“We don’t want to let (cats) go in a hurry, because many (potential adopters) will come forward out of sympathy, not knowing what they’re landing in.”

“Of course, the pension is not long term, because in the end the goal is to relocate (the cats) to let them start from scratch. They deserve a good, loving home, ”said a post from the directors.

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