5 RSPCA Essex animals looking for new homes

Here is a selection of animals from RSPCA Essex branches and affiliated Danaher Animal House who are looking for a forever home.

If you think you might be able to relocate one of them, go either to Essex South, Southend & District Branchthe South West forkor the Danaher Pet Store website for more details.

You can also donate to charities to help them continue their rescue work on the same websites.


Lulu (Danaher Animal Home)

Gender – Female

Age – 10 years old

Breed – Husky Crossbreed

White colour

Lulu is looking for an experienced home where she can realize her true potential.

He is an affectionate and playful character who is full of energy, so he will need plenty of exercise but will also benefit from brain games and enrichment to keep his mind active and healthy.

Lulu is home trained and knows some basic tricks, but she still needs help figuring out how to behave around dogs on her adventures.

If you want to adopt Lulu you can see their full profile here.


Echo: Blackberry (RSPCA)Mulberry (RSPCA)

Gender – Female

Age – Less than three months

Breed – Semi-domesticated crossbreed

Black color

Blackberry is described as a kitten with “bouquets of energy” and will therefore need an owner who can dedicate time during the day to play with him.

It would be best if Blackberry was the only cat in the house and not shared the house with a dog.

They must also be able to go outside to explore and live with secondary school-aged children.

If you want to adopt Blackberry, you can check out their full profile here.


Echo: Rosa (RSPCA)Rosa (RSPCA)

Gender – Female

Age – Three years

Breed – Semi-domesticated crossbreed

Black color

Rosa was brought in by a member of the public after living as a wanderer for some time.

She was described as a very friendly girl by the people who fed her, but since being at the cattery she has become withdrawn and scared.

The RSPCA believe this is purely situational and in the right home with a little love she would make a wonderful companion.

If you want to adopt Rosa you can see their full profile here.

Cleo and clove

Echo: Cleo and Clove (RSPCA)Cleo and Clove (RSPCA)

Gender – Female (Cléo) and Male (Clove)

Age – Less than three months

Breed – Domestic Shorthair Crossbreed

Color – Tricolor and Black

Cleo and Clove were cruelly abandoned in a 40 degree box and found by a passing dog walker.

Fortunately, they were able to be rescued and are now looking for a home together.

Despite their difficult beginnings, they are a brilliant and playful pair. They love to climb and explore their surroundings as well as play with all of their toys.

They are also quite talkative.

If you want to adopt Cleo and Clove you can see their full profile here.

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