3 options for cat care when you go on vacation

At least once a year we go to visit relatives outside of town. They have their own animals and the journey is long, so taking our own pets is out of the question. While we have a great place to keep our dog, cats are another story. Some people believe that because cats are often synonymous with independence, cats do well for days with a large bowl of food, water, and a clean litter box. Turbulent movement, and this water can be spilled; food can spoil; and the second day that litter box will stink. Combine these possibilities with the fact that your cat really needs social interaction and mental stimulation, and leaving your cat alone shouldn’t even be an option. So what do you do with your furry friends if you can’t take them with you? You basically have three choices: use a boarding house, send them out for a “night’s sleep”, or hire a cat sitter.

Boarding facilities

Believe it or not, boarding is a possibility for cats. Many vets, groomers and kennels offer cat facilities, although these accommodations are not always separate from their canine counterparts. The simplest form of cat boarding is to leave the cat in a crate, with a litter box, food and water, and maybe a bed or a few toys. The litter box is changed daily, and the food and water refreshed, but otherwise your cat is alone. Other facilities, such as Neverland Kennel and Cattery, offer group boarding schools, also known as “catteries”.

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Like other boarding schools, catteries require that your feline friend be up to date with their vaccinations and have a good health check. This is vital for ensuring the health and well-being of other cats that your little darling will come into contact with. If you really want to give your cat a ‘home away from home’ places like Critter Bliss Pet Services offer whole human-sized rooms equipped with toys, cat trees and climbing shelves for your cat. or your cat with other members of their cat family.

Kittens’ pajama parties

Another option is to let your cat sleep with someone else. It can work well if the person doesn’t have cats or has very friendly cats. As cats can be territorial, this option may not bode well if the person hosting the sleepover has territorial cats and / or cannot provide a secluded room for your kitten. This can cause undue stress to both your cat and resident cats, especially when it comes to food and bedding. To avoid any problems, you should make sure that all cats are up to date with their vaccines, that your cat gets along well with all resident cats, and that there are enough clean hiding places and litter boxes to help. reduce stress. . If you have a social chat, it can be a very rewarding and fun environment for them to enjoy while you are away.

Cat guards

These are my favorites and the option I choose every time we go out of town. Cat sitters can be professionals for hire, a family member, neighbor or friend you trust to come into your home and care for your beloved feline (s). . I suggest choosing someone who lives near you or is not averse to staying in your home in your absence. It is a great idea to ask the potential cat sitter before letting her take care of your cats so they know where the food is, how much to feed, how to handle the litter, etc. . They may also take a while to let your cats become familiar with their scent, if they aren’t already.

The last time we were out of town we asked our neighbor to take care of our cat. She came twice a day to refresh the food and water bowls, pick up the litter boxes, and give her time to play. It was nice not to have to worry if he would be stressed out, as he stayed in his home environment with few changes. In return, we took care of their cats when they left town. It’s a win-win for us!

What do you do with your cats while you are away? Have you ever used a cattery? Let us know in the comments below!

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