15 friendliest cat breeds

Believe it or not, cats and dogs can coexist. Here are the best cat breeds that get along well with dogs.

Cats and dogs have long been portrayed as mortal enemies. Who remembers the 2001 film, aptly titled cats and dogs, about the top secret war between the two types of pets? (Spoiler alert: the dogs won!) Then there’s the constant bickering enjoyed by rescue pup Chance and house cat Sassy in Back home. And while Tom’s biggest rival has always been a mouse, he’s certainly not friends with the dog named Spike in the beloved cartoon. Tom and Jerry. This strained relationship between furry frenemies has been perpetuated through pop culture for decades, but sometimes cats and dogs can actually become — dare we say — friends.

Of course, some breeds of cats and dogs can coexist better than others. Golden retrievers, beagles, labs and more affectionate dog breeds with little prey will more likely accept a cat as a new member of the family. However, not all dogs will do well with the addition of a cat, so you will need to test it on a case-by-case basis if you are bringing a cat into your home for the first time. On the other hand, some cat breeds get along better with dogs than others. These friendly felines are known for their laid back personalities and affectionate natures.

The family dog ​​is likely to like one of the cats on this list, but be sure to research the breed of your two pets before bringing a new animal into the home. Even the most easy-going dogs or cats can take a little getting used to a new furry friend. While all dogs and cat breeds are lucky enough to become playmates with the right introduction and socialization, they are the best cat breeds that get along well with dogs.

15 cat breeds that get along well with dogs

1. The Maine Coon

Travelarium/Getty Images

Maine Coon Region Association of cat lovers favorite and incredibly friendly cats. These gentle giants are known for their canine nature. They are also incredibly helpful and love to fetch, so it makes sense that they get along well with their canine counterparts.

2. American Shorthair

American Shorthair cat in the room

kla3950/Getty Images

According to CFA, these kittens are famous for their “sweet personalities and friendliness with children, dogs, and other pets.” American Shorthairs also generally live long and healthy lives. Basically, it’s a unicorn that ticks all the boxes.

3. Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat in evening light

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The norwegian forest cat may take some getting used to with a dog, but the couple are sure to be best friends once they do. They are larger cats, much like the Maine Coon, with affectionate and gentle personalities. Intros can be slow at first, but it will be worth it.

4. Bombay

Cute black Bombay kitten standing in pot outdoors, looking at camera

Getty Images/Ed-Ni-Photo

Bombay cats are known as miniature panthers, although there is no genetic correlation between the domestic cat and the wild cat. According to CFA, Bombay’s personality is like “a dog, a cat, and a monkey rolled into one mischievous package”. These cats are very easy to train and can do things like walk on a leash and play fetch. They are also very social cats who enjoy playing with people, children, and other pets.

5. Burmese

Birman sits on a chair

Burmese cats are descended from a mixture of a Burmese cat and Siamese cats. They have the uncanny ability to turn the most ardent dog lover into a fan. The Birman is fearless and can be incredibly playful. They are more likely to turn a dog into a playmate than scratch their eyes, but some may simply tolerate the existence of a dog.

6. British Shorthair

A cute British lilac white bicolor cat is lying on a blue sofa and looking directly at the camera

Getty Images/ SunRay BRI Cattery UK

The British Shorthair likes to be around its people and other cats, so why wouldn’t they like to be around a dog? It takes a lot to piss this cat off, so if you’re bringing a new puppy into the house, you have a long head start before this cat snaps. In fact, they’re more likely to wander off and find a place to hide before they get upset, making them the perfect companion for a pesky pup.

7. Tonkinese

Tonkinese looks through the tunnel

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This rare cat breed is extremely intelligent and trainable. In fact, some can even be seen playing with their owners. These adorable cats love getting to know new people and new pets, including those of the canine variety.

8. Abyssinian Cat

young abyssinian cat in action

Getty Images/Anobis

Abyssinian cats have the perfect personality to gain a doggie companion. They are curious by nature and enjoy being around their humans. Abyssinians are also very playful, so they may like having a dog to play with.

9. Bengal

Beautiful short-haired cat lying on the bed at home

Getty Images/Aaron Amat

bengals are full of energy and very affectionate. According to CFA, Bengals can get along well with other pets when “properly introduced”. They look a lot like german shepherds who love to be included in all aspects of their family’s life and thrive on playing and learning. They are also water loving and will be perfect for a water loving dog.

10. Siamese cat

Siamese cat

Getty Images/kovalvs

Siamese cats are an ancient breed that are intelligent, beautiful, and loving. They love talking to their people as much as they love going out. You may find a Siamese sitting on beds, on its owner’s lap, or following it around. Siamese cats are also the curious type. They will definitely give a dog a chance with their curiosity and big heart.

11. Ragdoll Cat

Beautiful young Caucasian Ragdoll cat with blue eyes, at home.

Getty Images/peredniakina

Ragdoll cats are another feline that exhibits dog-like behavior. They are excited when you come home and sad when you leave. Not to mention that they love a good hug. They have an even temperament which makes them a good dog companion. Ragdolls and dogs have the potential to become best friends, and you may even find them cuddling.

12. Burmese Cat

beautiful cat on the table, gray-black, elite cat, small Depth of field

Getty Images/Vadimborkin

Birman cats have various personality traits. They are dramatic, gentle, loving, patient, and adventurous. Patience is essential in animal-to-animal introductions. While their dramatic side might get in the way if a dog rubs them the wrong way, their loving and adventurous side will hopefully take the lead.

13. Turkish Angora

Portrait of a white turkish angora cat at home

Getty Images/Anna Volgina

The Turkish Angora is known to be intelligent, affectionate and very friendly. They love to play and can easily adapt to new situations. Because they can adapt to new people and pets, they do well with young children and dogs. However, they like to have the title of top dog cat at home.

14. Japanese Bobtail

Stray Japanese calico bobtail cat in a park in Kagoshima, Japan.

Getty Images/JordiStock

Japanese bobtails love to be the center of their family’s attention. They love their people and want to participate in even the most mundane aspects of daily life, like watching television. Japanese bobtails are athletic and excel in agility sports, love to travel and spend time outdoors. They do well in homes with children and dogs.

15. Siberian cat


Getty Images/ slowmotiongli

siberian cats are very smart. Cat lovers are drawn to this breed because of their adventurous side. These easy-going cats are ready to share their home with dogs, children and other pets. Nothing seems to bother these cats as they are naturally calm and fearless, making them a great playmate for a canine friend. They love to play with toys and will even participate in a fetch game.

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