12 things to do around the house before going on winter vacation



When planning a winter vacation, there can be a lot of things to organize, so getting things around the house may be the last thing on your mind. However, taking the time to take care of certain things around the house before you leave can have several advantages.


The following is a list of twelve things that can be done around the house before you go on vacation.

1 consider your security options

There are many ways to secure the home. Therefore, when you go on vacation, it is important to make sure that you are maximizing the safety of the home in all cases. Home CCTV cameras are very affordable and can be viewed through a smartphone.

Likewise, there are alarms that can alert the local police in the event of an intrusion into the house. While securing the home may involve a small investment, it’s well worth it for the overall peace of mind you’ll have while on vacation.

2. Have someone verify the property

While there are many ways to secure the home, having someone check in while you are away can ensure there are no other unforeseen situations such as leaks or alarms. There is no need to have a set routine, and you can give yourself extra peace of mind when enjoying your vacation.

3. Make sure you have a boiler cover

Protecting what is important comes naturally to many of us. However, compared to home and auto insurance, boilers can be overlooked.

The boiler is the beating heart of any home, and if something were to happen while you’re abroad, the repair costs could be hard to cover. Make sure you have boiler cover in place before your departure ensures that you won’t have to pay in the worst case.

4. Clean up before leaving

Going on vacation is an exciting time, which means that some of the mundane chores can be put aside. As such, it may be a good idea to do a cleaning before you go.

While it may seem like more work in the meantime, knowing you’re coming back to a clean home can mean you don’t have to worry about looming overseas workloads.

Unplug electrical appliances as much as possible

While there may be cases where electrical devices need to be left plugged in, most of them should be unplugged. Not only saves energy, but also reduces the potential for electrical fires.

5. Make sure your insurance coverage is up to date

The insurance industry can be confusing at times, and many may feel that coverage is in place when it is not. Contacting your insurance provider to make sure all of your information is up to date will help ensure the correct policy is in place.

While having insurance in place is a great start to protecting property, making sure it’s up to date can mean less financial loss and stress should something happen.

6. Arrange for the care of pets

Whether you have a pet dog or a hamster, care should be taken before you go on vacation. If you have someone checking in on the property, they could possibly take care of the feeding of hamsters, gerbils, and goldfish.

However, animals like cats and dogs may require a regular routine. If no friend or family can take care of the animals, it may be worth considering a professional cattery or kennel.

7. Clean the refrigerator

While it is important to keep the refrigerator stocked, it can mean that there is a risk that the food will spoil and cause odors in the refrigerator. By removing any food that could spoil during your vacation, you won’t be surprised with a nasty surprise when you return.

8. Wash bedding and make beds

No matter how enjoyable the vacation is, when you get back, chances are you’ll want to relax. However, struggling with bedding can mean your rest is interrupted. While making a bed doesn’t take long, taking care of the bedding before you go can ensure a relaxing return.

9. Shut off the water supply

No one is ever prepared for a water leak, but it can be more damaging if it happens when you are abroad. Fortunately, avoiding this can be as easy as shutting off the water supply.

This ensures that even if a problem arises with the plumbing, it is less likely to cause damage to the property.

10. Make sure waste and recycling are taken care of

Depending on where you live, the fluctuation in shelter collection and recycling can be sporadic. In cases where waste and recycling are neglected, vacationers could revert to a series of unpleasant smells.

Even if there are instances where collections are missed, a visit to the recycling center will avoid any unwanted odor upon your return.

11. Pay attention to bills before going on vacation

If the invoices are not due, it can be easy to ignore them until you return. However, if you have overdue bills, you may have to incur expenses and lose essential services when you return.

Checking which bills are due while you’re on vacation lets you pay them up front, which means there’s less to do when you get back.

12. Think about the maintenance of the garden

Not everyone will have to worry about a garden, but those with a green thumb will want to make sure their hard work is kept. If you’re worried about lower standards, why not consider hiring a professional gardener while you’re away?

It can also be a good idea to ensure that any faults with the fence are rectified, as this will ensure that animals cannot enter the property and cause damage in your absence.

It’s common for worry to set in when traveling abroad about things you might have missed before you left.

Taking care of the monotonous chores before you leave ensures that the property and animals are safe, with contingency measures in place for the unexpected.


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